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Tyrannosaurus rex drawing: 2018 update

I Meme Everything (Tyrannos)

Aug-16-2018 2:23 PM

Back in October, I posted a drawing of what was, at the time, a scientifically-accurate depiction of Tyrannosaurus rex. Here is that older, now outdated picture:

In 2018, the interpretation of this iconic dinosaur has changed yet again. With updated science, I present the 2018 update of my drawing of Tyrannosaurus rex:

Aside from the lack of feathers, I also added tarsal scutes on the feet and some brighter colors around the eyes. More information is also provided, such as the formations where it was found, and a specific breakdown of its temporal range. Personally, I think this is an improvement over the older drawing. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Isla Nublar was like most other islands. Too many mouths, not enough to go around.

4 Responses to Tyrannosaurus rex drawing: 2018 update

Emperor GorillaGodzilla

Aug-16-2018 2:30 PM

A divine tapestry the likes of which I have never seen.

 "...I hope they remember you."-Thanos


Aug-16-2018 2:50 PM

I really like your new version.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.

Sci-Fi King25

Aug-17-2018 7:51 PM

Better than what I can do. 

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

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