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Posted Jun-11-2018 8:06 AM

Hey guys. I'm not new to scified but I am just updating my novel to you guys. I've gave a small brief description of it.... 4 years ago but I was pretty young and the description wasn't all that good. Anyway the Name of the novel is "The Trougera Chronicles." Here's a plot description:

The Trougera Chronicles is about how the threat of a dangerous interstellar cloud had just passed earth after an entire week of being clouded and the after effects begin to change the environment and DNA of certain animal species, growing them to great size. Now called "daikaiju" they begin to destroy cities and fight each other out of territorial instincts. Years of humanity battling against these beasts to protect their countries, the General of North America, General Mason Otonashi wishes to destroy one daikaiju he believes to be the greater threat to North America, Trougera. This daikaiju was the first to be discovered and is by far the largest. Another daikaiju has also threatened the states, Kaijrin. Also nicknamed "The Rogue" this daikaiju destroys cities and towns not for territory but for the pleasure. Not that he has permission from the United Nations and with the help of his lead marine, assistant, and entire base, he plans to lure both daikaiju to their deaths


I'm almost completely done with the novel, and just making a few edits here and there. The reason why it took me this long to update was becasue of other things such as school and work, and I lost my flash drive, but luckily my gf saved a copy of it on her laptop as well as rewriting the novel (just rough drafts). So if you have any other questions about the novel, feel free to ask! Also, I'm not gonna give too much away, until the novel is done, just a heads up.



Jun-11-2018 2:58 PM


I am sure many on here would be interested in reading your work, especially those on the Godzilla/Kaiju Related Part of the site.

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Jun-12-2018 2:41 AM

Well done Tysaurian 0.1

Thank goodness your girlfriend saved a copy of your novel!

Very best of luck with it!


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger

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