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The Arcturians - who is this guys?


Jan-06-2018 7:31 AM

Some information:
1) From Aliens we know what their gender doesn't matter.
2) From AvP: Rage Wars book series we know what they are "finally lost human traits".
3) From the River of Pain, we know what Weyland-Yutani have trading with the Arcturians. And what the Arcturians is alien race.
4) Maybe in the Sea of Sorrow book I read about the Arcturians, but I do not remember.

Ok. That's all information what I have.

My conclusions?
1) In Aliens I thought that it was a joke. Arcturians are humans. Maybe transgender.
2) In Rage Wars I thought that they was be mutated. Too much. But still humans.
3) In RoP clearly says what the Arcturians is alien race. And more - civilization (because they can trade).

Too much conflicting information.


Alien fans - if you know anything about this mysterious race, please - share this: knowledge, links, images, sites, about this race. In the Alien context, of course. Because the name "the Arcturians" is so much banal in Sci-Fi.

p.s. Sorry my bad English, but I hope - you understand me.

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Mar-20-2018 10:54 AM

I was disappointed that the Aliens: Bug Hunt book did not even reference them.

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