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Something Real

Dec-09-2017 11:25 AM

    Hello, there. I happened upon a bit of news which I am sure will tickle a great many of the Jurassic Park and Star Wars fans here, on SCIFIED! I have provided a link to the article below and I certain hope you enjoy it should you choose to have a look! :)

Prehistoric Darth Vader?

6 Responses to Prehistoric Darth Vader?

I Meme Everything (Tyrannos)

Dec-09-2017 11:48 AM

This is so freaking cool. The Dark Lord of our prehistoric planet.

aNd lIsTeN tHiS uP! yOu'Re gOiNg tO...i'M gOiNg tO...iF yOu dO tHiS oNe mOrE tImE i'M gOiNg tO tElL mIsS mUrRaY tHaT yOu dOnE tHaT sH!T! dO yOu hEaR mE?

Ben Swolo (UZ80)

Dec-09-2017 11:53 AM

That is awesome.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.

Something Real

Dec-09-2017 2:55 PM

TYRANNOS - Hahaha! Indeed! :)

Something Real

Dec-09-2017 2:55 PM

ULTRAZERO80 - When I saw the image, I was amazed! :)


Dec-11-2017 12:13 PM

Something Realvery cool!  I know that the article is attempting to grab the reader's attention by linking it to a coincidental Star Wars appearance, but...WHO CARES?!?!  IT'S CRAB VADER!!!


Dec-24-2017 8:10 AM

Its a Trilobite, they kind of existed before crabs


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