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Topic So, Earth Hive....alien short story....

For Close Encounters



Posted Aug-11-2017 7:22 AM

So, because Covenant was somewhat of a let down, only to-do, a 6 or a 7 out of ten, I chose to begin reading the alien novels/short stories.

I just finished "Earth Hive". I thought it was pretty well written, good character development, and a pretty good story.  

I was wondering if there was ever any thought to turning this into a screenplay, then a movie.  As soon as I finished the story (approximately 260-270 pages), I looked at my fiance and said, "this would have made a movie ten times better than what covenant was". 

I would like to know others' opinions and for those who have not read and of these I would urge you to if you are like me, i.e- want alien stories and was let down my fox and Scott's most recent attempt to draw on the story of this amazing creature.   

Thank you


Movie fan



Posted Aug-11-2017 8:08 AM

Anything is Ten times better than "covenant" (except requiem)


Obsession is a Power, not a Curse ;)




Posted Aug-11-2017 9:03 PM

Um AVP (2004) was the worse than requiem. At least requiem tried to be faithful to the source material but fucked up on the story, AVP (2004) shitted on source material and raped the story.


For Close Encounters



Posted Aug-11-2017 9:16 PM

Alrighty.   Thanks for the input.





Posted Aug-12-2017 1:24 AM

I reckon they should do the Earth Hive/Asylum/Female War trilogy as a tv series.

Let the movies do the big cinematic space adventures on distant world, whist a tv series follows the destruction of Earth.





Posted Aug-12-2017 2:43 AM

cmon, requiem was waaaaay worse than avp lol.

river of pain is my favourite novel followed closely by sea of sorrows. either of these would be amazing to see on the big screen




Posted Aug-12-2017 2:44 AM

also I cant remember the name of the book but theres a brilliant scene in one where the humans set a trap for the xenos and when they try to get the xenos to fall into it they don't take the bait as they don't sense any fear in the humans. great insight into the creature that we don't get in the movies.




Posted Aug-12-2017 3:10 AM

ali81 Out of the Shadows / Sea of Sorrows / River of Pain were great books!!

Sea of Sorrows would make a great movie!


For Close Encounters



Posted Aug-12-2017 8:27 AM

Thanks everyone.  I will definitely read them all. I'm just trying to read them in order.    I am assuming the year of release would be they best order in which to read them




Posted Aug-13-2017 2:55 AM

iraptus, totally agree. there was horror there when I was reading it and also the inclusion of other alien races though long dead. plus a familiar foe returns. I thought it could make a good alternate sequel to alien

encounters, most novels are just one off stories but SOS series is a trilogy, I believe its sea of sorrows then river of pain followed by cant remember the name off hand. these are canon I believe and the most recent novels other than the AC novelisation. a must read series

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