Isla Nublar Apocalypse III Remake Part 4: Fall of the Tyrants

Isla Nublar Apocalypse III Remake Part 4: Fall of the Tyrants

Lord Tyrannos



Posted Jul-17-2017 1:59 PM

Isla Nublar Apocalypse III



Part 4: Fall of the Tyrants

Tyrannos woke up as the sun rose over Isla Nublar. His sapphire-blue eyes scanned the plains upon which he stood. He could feel the ground shaking beneath his feet, and dashed into the forest for cover. The Rex watched the predators that were entering the area with curiosity.

It was a family of Mapusaurus, four of them. Their alpha, Earth, sniffed the air; something was off. He cooed to the beta and omega, ordering them to scout to their left and right respectively. A foul odor filled the air, reminiscent of a scent not smelled in a year--that of Ultimus Dominum. Earth bellowed in confusion, which alerted his mate, Gaia. The four Mapusaurus watched as the Devil Lord approached, baring his teeth and claws. They widened their legs as they roared, in preparation for the upcoming fight; Dominum did the same. Diabolus clamped down on Gaia's neck, then used his enlongated arms to shove her into the beta and omega. All three of them staggered around, as Earth roared in fury.

The alpha-Mapusaurus rammed into the demon, clamping down on his arm. Dominum merely hissed in annoyance, not pain, as he swiped at Earth's face with his other hand, forcing him to release his grip. The alpha shook his head profusely as his three charged the son of the Ultimate Lord. Gaia sliced his flesh with her serrated teeth, but he did not seem to be affected and impaled his talons into her hip, before grabbing her and shoving her into the beta, the two stumbling to regain their balance. He then felt something pulling on his tail, and turned around to see the omega gripping it in his jaws.

Diabolus turned around, and grabbed the omega by the skull, forcing him to let go. The demon grasped his throat in one hand, his pelvis in the other, as he sank his teeth into the back of the Mapusaurus, penetrating layers of flesh and tissue, cracking and nearly shattering the vertebrae. However, he did not have the bite force of a Tyrannosaurus rex, and the omega slipped free, albeit in immense pain, as blood trickled down his sides. Gaia and the beta headbutted the demon in the side, but he merely whipped the latter's face with his tail, and bit onto the alpha-female's throat, before pushing her into a tree, slashing at her shoulder.

Diabolus then turned his attention to the beta, shoving him to the ground and pinning him there with his muscular arms. He began to disembowel the Mapusaurus alive, with his toe claws, forcing the theropod to scream for help. Earth heard this and staggered to his feet--then charged Dominum. Diabolus blasted the alpha-male back with a burst of fire, searing his flesh and feathers, before ramming his skull into his shoulder-blade, breaking his left arm. Earth collapsed, as the Devil Lord placed his hand on his head, preparing to end him as he raised his claws--but the killing strike never came. Even Dominum was in shock, as his claws embedded themselves in the nearly-broken back of the omega Mapusaurus.

Knowing that they wouldn't survive if they didn't leave, Earth bellowed for the beta and Gaia to leave. At first, they refused, before they realised what they were up against; Diabolus lifted the omega up in one arm before blasting him into the forest with a ray of purple fire, setting it ablaze. But that wasn't even the end, as he opened his maw, spilling methane out, choking the Mapusaurus to death as he was burned alive. Earth's heart broke in two, for he had lost three of his pack to the Ultimate Lord, and had now lost the omega to his son. The alpha-male knew that he wouldn't survive, and fled after the beta and Gaia.

Diabolus stomped after them, with the intention to hunt them down and kill them--but he was stopped by a scent, that of an alpha-Tyrannosaurus rex. Tyrannos had stumbled into the battlefield due to the fire, and was defenseless against the Devil Lord, who hurled him to the ground with ease, his hand wrapped around the neck of the young Rex. Dominum raised his claws like sabres, preparing to end Tyrannos, when a roar got his attention. He turned his head, to see Thunderstorm and Earthquake bellowing madly at him. Diabolus's intelligent brain deduced that these were his parents, and decided to torture them by killing their son.

However, Thunderstorm charged the demon, slamming into him with the force of a freight train crashing into his side. The impact shattered his ribcage, but he easily regenerated his wounds, and roared at the Lightning Rex. The Tyrant Thunderstorm turned his head to the left, clamping onto his right arm--breaking it with ease under 20,000 pounds of force. Diabolus bellowed in pain as he wrenched his forelimb free, the arm dangling uselessly from his shoulder. However, this would not stop him for long, as his arm began to fluctuate, regenerating as if he was never bitten by Thunderstorm, who looked on with dread, remembering that Ultimus possessed this ability, as did Nequit, who he faced sixty-five million years ago. He slashed at the Rex's scarred torso, pushing him back as Earthquake went over to Tyrannos. The Tyrant Earthquake told her son to escape and how proud she was of what he had become. Tyrannos, although doubting himself, obeyed and fled the scene.

The Tyrant Thunderstorm and Tyrant Earthquake did their best to stop Diabolus, but it was to no avail, as he grabbed Earthquake's neck and snapped it with his hands. Thunderstorm knew he stood no chance, but chose to go down fighting with honour. He clambered and clashed with the Devil Lord, inflicting extreme damage upon him--but he simply regenerated his wounds, and dished the damage he absorbed back out, helped by his seemingly infinite stamina. The battle continued for what seemed like hours...and Thunderstorm began to tire. He panted for breath, before being knocked to the ground by Dominum, who grinned with pleasure. The Lightning Rex looked at him one last time, accepting his fate. The Devil Lord bit down on the throat of the Tyrant Thunderstorm with all the power he could exert in his jaws, snapping his neck. Diabolus threw the body of Thunderstorm to the ground, screeching in triumph. Tyrannos heard his victorious roar, and knew that his parents were dead. In a way, he felt that he had failed to save them, and fled further.


The next day, Albus, Alba, Alborax, and Cocoa had noticed the burned area of the island, and went over to it. They found the Edmontosaurus carcass that Tyrance and Tyria had eaten a few days earlier, and there was still meat; they devoured it, replenishing their strength. Albus noticed some weird imprints near the body. They were strange--there were footprints like those of a theropod, but behind them were deep marks, like the creature that was passing by was dragging its tail along the ground. Little did they know, these were the tracks of a demon, a Devil Lord.

*A month later*

Tyrannas had eventually stumbled into Earth's territory, prowling the forests. In the distance, she saw a heinous sight; Diabolus Dominum was brutally murdering a Carnotaurus. Destructo was lifted up and smashed into the ground, before the Devil Lord ripped a thin tree out of the ground and slammed it down on top of him, pinning him down. He then shot a beam of fire at his face, cooking him alive, before leaving.

Even Tyrannas, the Tyrant Princess, was intimidated by this. Once she made sure that Dominum was gone, she continued, heading for the plains. As she made the final stretch towards the grasslands, her foot touched something, not a rock. Tyrannas looked down, to see the skeleton of a Mapusaurus, with some bones blackened, like the creature had been burned. Slightly shaken, she continued--taken aback by what the plains held. Two skeletons, easily recognisable as two Tyrannosaurus rex. From the sheer size of them, she knew who they were--Earthquake and Thunderstorm. Tyrannas closed her eyes and lowered her head in honour of her parents in-law, and she vowed to kill the one who took them from her and Tyrannos--or she would die trying.


Mako and Sahara sensed that something was off. Their suspicions were confirmed, as Diabolus Dominum, the Devil Lord, stepped out of the shadows. The two could do nothing, but scream as the beast murdered them--but their cries of pain were cut off. In the swamps near that location, Fang and Venus knew that Diabolus had claimed two more victims.


Tyrannos was starving. For the past month, he had been eating the carcasses that Diabolus Dominum left in his wake, but the Devil Lord had since moved on to the northeast, where he replaced Mako and Sahara as the dominant predators. The truth then dawned upon him; he would have to kill something if he was to survive. The Vengeful Rex spotted a lone Triceratops, and this particular individual was familiar; he was the same Trike who sent him tumbling down that hill, separating him from his parents. Tyrannos flexed his muscles as he sized up the herbivore. He was thirty feet long and eleven feet tall, a worthy adversary. Rain came down from the heavens in large buckets as thunder roared and lightning flashed, and the Tyrant Prince charged from behind, the force of his ten-ton body crashing across the ground shaking the Earth. The Trike failed to respond quickly enough and bellowed as it attempted to escape. However, the Rex reared his head back before throwing it forward; he sank his teeth into the solid-bone frill of the ceratopsian as he scraped his toe claws against the Trike's shin, spilling blood.

The Triceratops twisted and turned his skull in attempts to free himself from the iron grip of the hungry Tyrannosaurus rex trying to kill him. Tyrannos pulled down, forcing the Trike's skull to point upwards. Finally, the herbivore found the strength to break free--as a sickening crunch filled the air. A quarter of his frill, on the right side of his head, was gone. Hot, crimson blood gushed from the wound, dripping down his head. The Triceratops bellowed in agony as he turned around to face his attacker, lowering his skull. Tyrannos was intimidated as the herbivore pointed his horns at him. His muscles were defined, but his ribs were showing, for he hadn't eaten in a week.

The Trike took a few steps forward as he swung his head up, sinking his right brow horn into the right shin of the Rex. He penetrated layers of flesh and tissue, spilling blood as he scraped and cracked Tyrannos's fibula. The Tyrant Prince roared in pain before he lifted his head up before lowering it with great speed and force--clamping down on the back of the Triceratops, who struggled to free himself as twelve-inch teeth dug into his shoulder blades, piercing the calcium-rich bone. The Rex placed his left leg on the pelvis of the Trike, impaling his toe claws into the flesh, blood trickling from the wound as he attempted to keep his quarry within his grip.

The Triceratops tensed the muscles in his front legs, before throwing his body back--rearing upwards, and sending Tyrannos falling to the ground. The ceratopsid walked in to deliver the killing blow, but the Vengeful Rex clambered to his feet and latched his jaws onto the Trike's right brow horn. He pressed down with all the force he could exert, reaching 18,000 pounds of bite force. Unbelievably, the horn of the Triceratops began to crack under the pressure--before shattering completely. The ceratopsian moaned in pain, as its horn snapped from the force.

Tyrannos stood in shock at what he had done as his jaws were agape, causing the severed horn to drop, clattering to the forest floor. This distraction allowed the Trike to catch him off-guard, as he rammed his one remaining brow horn into the Tyrant Prince's right side, splintering ribs. Blood trickled down the feathered torso of the Vengeful Rex, who coughed and wheezed from shock, pain, and blood loss. The rain fell down, more heavily, as the Triceratops swung his head up, smashing his nasal horn into Tyrannos's chest. The strike knocked the wind out of him, as he stumbled forward before collapsing. The Trike went in to kill the Rex.

As the Triceratops advanced, Tyrannos felt like a failure; he had failed simply to make a kill, and had failed to save his parents. That last thought clicked in his head, as he thought of Earthquake and Thunderstorm--he, was their son. He, was the legacy they had left behind when they died. He, was the successor to their throne. He, was the only one who could bring peace and closure to them--and with that last realisation, he was up again! Tyrannos roared as he raised his massive, six-foot skull up--before bringing it down, his jaws snapping shut around the neck of his quarry. His thick, deeply-rooted twelve-inch teeth penetrated deep into the flesh, tissue, and vertebrae of the Trike. Without warning, the Tyrant Prince shattered the neck of the Triceratops under 22,000 pounds of pure, rage-filled, adrenaline-fueled force.

Tyrannos could not fathom what he had acheived, what he had accomplished, as he dropped the lifeless body of the Trike to the forest floor. He placed one foot on the flank of the carcass as he roared in triumph, lightning flashing in the background. The Vengeful Rex now realised that he was more than what he had become in the past month--rather than a weak scavenger, he was a capable and extremely powerful predator. In this moment, gone was the timid, doubtful Rex--now, his confidence was bolstered--alas, he truly lived up to his title, of the Tyrant Prince.

I am the senate.


Something Real

Jul-17-2017 4:50 PM

DRACONUS - How very fantastic! I greatly enjoyed this revision of the original story - especially the way in which Tyrannos came into his own after his battle with the triceratops! Excellent work! Thank you ever so much for taking the time to create this and share it with us! :)

Draegar: The Hooded Figure

Jul-17-2017 7:08 PM

Diabolus Dominum certainly went on a killing spree on this part. I'd say that the worst death was the omega Mapusaurus. The part where he was being clawed on by Diabolus was brutal, but only than to be burned alive became worse for him. 

Nive to see Tyrannos finally be able to live up to his title. That pic though, that's nice.

Lord Tyrannos

Jul-17-2017 7:09 PM

^Yeah, I found it by opening Google Images and typing "tyrant lizard king"

I am the senate.

Emperor GorillaGodzilla

Jul-17-2017 8:25 PM

Great job. Lost in The End part 4 flashbacks at the end there, Tyrannos seems similar to Tyran in a way?

 "...I hope they remember you."-Thanos

Lord Tyrannos

Jul-18-2017 2:59 PM

^Yeah, but he's going beast mode for the rest of the story

I am the senate.

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