Support me  check out my  idea for a new new Alien Game Alien Evacuation

Support me check out my idea for a new new Alien Game Alien Evacuation




Posted Jun-25-2017 5:11 PM

Ok it is a 10 vs 1 game the map is big u on a ship the survivors job is to escape by calling a military ship or using a small emergency ship pr pod or killing the alien If you search f13 and DeadbyDaylight you will probably understand and it will give you a little hint Then theirs a control room where you can go and access a monitorand you can switch through cameras to see where the alien is at. what hall is it in, what floor of the ship and shuttle doors that you can lock, so the alien can open it up with its spit or handsNow one the game works Well how about 1st person so you see death in front of u we want to get scare like outlast You in a hallway your monitor starts beeping u like where is it, it can be above u or below u and suddenly boom a surprise attack.

Now let's talk about the difference between this game and f13 and dead by day lightJason have different skins but the same ability DeadbyDaylight have different killers with different abilities 

So basically that part right is the same as the game we trying to make, now you probably saying nah it just gonna be the same  f13 and dead by day light yes and no it different dead by day light is a searc and seek game that you it a stealth horror game f13 is search and escape and both games you barely have a chance to kill the killer now here the skins

hIs a close up combat killer he fast he got damage resistance but they he do have pros and cons like jason

Spitter is a archer he spit acid he's acid is a pain you do not wanna get hit if you thought Jason knives was bad you have no idea what the spitter have in store for you.

Lurker is a stealth assassin he hide in the shadows stalking his prey best advice stay in the light lurker use the darkness very well as camouflage he is the most deadly assassin.

The Hammer is a force to be Whecking with my advice is not to be in group use doors and stealth 

I want gamers to be scared to be thrilled I want to be the survivors more not the killer I want the alien to be not super op but op enough 4 players to be like ok what we need to do u go this way u do this and that Because in Friday the 13th game it's like everyman 4 themselves and yes you don't need a team to survive and and the time limit is 50 mins now let's talk about The Xenomorph abilities the xeno has 5 just like Jason and DBD killers now the xeno has all different abilities they only have 1 ability that is the same and that the hive pack which if you been hiding not doing part or trying to escape your screw the hive pack is a last resort for the alien basically if the queen get alert that her serverts  can't find you it will send two other aliens to join the hunt.

By all means please support us by spreading the word out have is reach the director or any contact that can make this come true.


and just like f13 Tommy J only these two can kill has better chance of killing the alien you can try to kill it yourself the choices is yours.



Jun-25-2017 10:36 PM

Rather than make an entire game I suggest instead you create a "mod" for the PC version of either Colonial Marines or Isolation, because what you are describing sounds more like a handicap game mode somewhat similar to Left for Deads multiplayer or Halo's Infection game type. In all honesty, I suspect a game type already exists within the modding community for either of these games for what you have so passionately described.

However, if you are more serious and truly intend to create an actual game you are gonna need a lot more than hastily written post, especially if you are looking for financial support or looking to hire people - you will need a detailed proposal, with well thought and explained details about all aspects of your game that would appeal to both fellow players and any prospective investors. For a start, you would need to consider...

  • # How many people do you have/need to develop the game?
  • # How long would it take to develop?
  • # What software and hardware would be needed to develop the game?
  • # How much money do you need to develop the game and cover your development teams expenses?
  • # What platforms are you developing for - console, PC, mobile, VR, browser, stream-play?
  • # Does your game have a viable long-term income plan via DLC, Microtransactions, seasonal updates etc.?

I get that you may just be excited at a possible game you have realized would work well with the Alien franchise, but as such you should post it as just an idea. But if you are serious about pursuing your idea, then as a level designer/"modder" myself I would suggest looking into creating a mod before even contemplating starting the development of a video game.


Jun-26-2017 6:41 AM

I would have made the game a WRPG PC exclusive on par with Baldur's Gate or Neverwinter Knights. Maybe I'll start my own forum on this idea.



Jun-26-2017 6:41 AM

I would have made the game a WRPG PC exclusive on par with Baldur's Gate or Neverwinter Knights. Maybe I'll start my own forum on this idea.


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