Suggest how to save franchise? Newt the next Female Hero?




Posted May-28-2017 4:57 AM

These movies are about a strong female lead so who better than Newt to take over that title. But how to bring her back as well as hicks and ripley and tie it to the current Ridley series. *Please add thoughts. 

1) Have David infect the entire ship with the face huggers. Every colonist gets infected and then keep them frozen in hybersleep. (his own army). No cap on amount of time in hypersleep.

2) Some how tie all the events together that lead into Alien 1 but not resulting from david...That doesnt have to be associated. since we know it happened long ago and was an engineer who got infected (we think)

3) Figure out how to create a dream sequence of which A3,A4 never happened and Newt, hicks and ripley are still alive but aged. 

4) Have Walter take an alien ship into space looking for David but encounter the suluco after traveling for years. Have him wake up hicks, next and ripley and start of an amazing chain of events that leads into huge climax with David.

Just a thought but im sure somebody can do better.  



Aug-09-2017 8:44 AM

I'm working on it. Been working on it for a while. But you need Fox's assistance to make it happen.


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