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The Tyrant Thunderstorm: The End + Announcement

Regent Tyrannos



Posted May-19-2017 1:16 PM

Before you read the story, let me say that I originally planned to release this story in June. However, I have something else planned for June, one final story on Isla Nublar. Without further ado, I present to you, The Tyrant Thunderstorm: The End


Chapter 1: The Apocalypse

The herd of Anatosaurus was grazing in what is now Hell Creek. They munched on plants to sustain their massive bodies, which came in handy for dinosaurs that lived in herds. However, herding would be ineffective against the predators lurking in the shadows...

A massive theropod lurked in the underbrush, stalking his prey. This was Emerald, the smallest of a pack of four Tyrannosaurus rex, the deadliest predators alive. He provided the speed and agility of the team, and was the one who would start the chase. Emerald let out a loud, gluttural roar, causing the herd to flip their sh!t and panic in a mad stampede. In a desne area like this forest, their size was a disadvantage, as they couldn't move as freely as their much smaller attackers.

Emerald charged, aiming for the leader of the pack, an old female. She attempted to flee from the predator, when suddenly, a jet-black T.rex lunged in from the left, cutting her off from the rest of the herd. This was Nightblade, Emerald's older sister. She clamped down on one of the Hadrosaurid's hind limbs, releasing a moan of pain from their chosen prey item. She kicked him, disorienting him. As he lost his target, Emerald smirked, the cavalry was coming.

Nightblade continued to chase the Anatosaurus, when suddenly, a brown T.rex sprung out of the shadows, sinking her jaws into the herbivore's shoulder. This was Earthquake, the second most feared carnivore in the area. She bit down on the Anato's already injured leg, and she slowed down from a run to a limp. The ground began to shake, and she knew she had to escape fast.

A massive, scarred, navy-blue Tyrannosaurus rex arrived on the scene. This was Thunderstorm, the leader of the pack, and he clamped down on the soft neck of the Anatosaurus, his powerful jaws and teeth snapping her neck instantly. No screams, no bellows, nothing. It was a silent death.

The dead dinosaur slumped to the ground as Thunderstorm placed his foot on the flank of the kill, tearing out large hunks of flesh and meat. His packmates arrived and ate as well. As they feasted, they saw a large, bright light streak across the sky, and felt the ground shake as it hit the surface of the Earth miles away.

Miles away from the impact of the object, which was a meteor, the Tyrannosaurs shrugged it off and continued to eat.

They looked on in fear as a massive cloud of ash and dust headed towards them. They had no idea what was coming.

Chapter 2: The Assault of the Forces

Some 726.2 miles north, the ground can be felt shaking from the seismic waves generated by the meteor impact. A pack of Albertosaurus, the top predator here, looked up to see an army of fiery rock raining down upon them. Their alpha, Albus, gave them the signal to run. All four individuals, including himself, began to flee. They were making a quick getaway compared to the herbivores as the land was bombarded by bombs of fire, which set the forest ablaze.


Back in Hell Creek, the Tyrannosaurs were running from the ejecta cloud. Herbivores were dying left and right, but they had no time to stop for a meal. Eventually, the dust cloud consumed the whole planet. Thinking they were safe, the pack stopped to rest, but this was only the beginning; the intense heat from the cloud ignited wildfires all over the planet. They sniffed the air, detecting smoke, and looked behind in alarm, seeing a massive wall of fire, growing ever larger as it rampaged in their direction.

The superpredators ran like there was no tomorrow, as the forests of Hell Creek went up in a blaze. Corpses of herbivores littered the charred landscape as the pack continued to run. Emerald tripped on a rock - a fatal incident, as he was burned alive. His sister, Nightblade, ran back for him, but Thunderstorm cried out in protest, as did Earthquake. The T.rex rushed toward her brother, consumed by the blaze as well.


Back in Alberta, Canada, the four Albertosaurus roared as they ran away from the flaming boulders. However, the next few massive flaming rocks landed in front of them, sealing their escape But Albus, declaring that this would not be the end of them, bellowed for them to run in the other direction - south, towards Hell Creek. He turned first, followed by his mate Alba, then his siblings Alborax and Cocoa.


Thunderstorm and Earthquake moaned in sorrow, for their mates were gone. However, this was only the beginning, as the two siblings saw a colossal wave rise in the distance - a megatsunami, generated by the impact of the meteor. The tidal wave crashed onto the land, flooding down hills and slopes. Thunderstorm and Earthquake continued to flee, and began to clamber up the side of a mountain - but the tsunami was too much.

Earthquake, being smaller, barely escaped the wave of death - but it caught her brother off-guard, and he was swept away. The two bellowed in emotional pain as Thunderstorm was washed away, separated from his sister. Earthquake clambered to a higher altitude, and she could see the entirety of Hell Creek.

Things were not pretty. A massive wave had consumed a third of the area, and the rest was incinerated by massive wildfires.


Thunderstorm cried out as he was slammed into uprooted and fallen trees by the wave, heading downhill. His descent was stopped by a massive boulder, however, it smashed four of his ribs and bashed his cranium. The T.rex looked around as his vision grew blurry. The last thing he saw was a sea on land--before everything went black.


Chapter 3: Ruination

Eventually, the fires burned out, and the tsunami dried up. But the sun did not shine through the clouds - blocked by a layer of ash and dust. All was silent, there was not a creek nor a crumble, except for the pitter-patter of four theropods. These were four Dakotaraptors, the last of the intelligent Dromaeosauridae family. They hiked through the barren valley, their feathers messy and wet from the tidal wave. Their feet sloshed in the water, in which they stood knee-deep.

The Raptors walked through the once lush forest, now reduced to a charred, barren wasteland. Their leader, Eagle, signalled for them to stop - for he saw a large, dark object in the water. It was a Tyrannosaurus rex, lying apparently lifeless against a boulder. The four were not hungry and so walked past his large body. All they cared about now was safety.

His mate, Hawk, walked side-by-side next to the alpha-Dakotaraptor. Their two subordinates, Falcon and Owl, walked behind them. Eagle stepped onto a large rock, looking at the decimated forest that lay ahead. His packmates chirped, asking what they would do. Eagle turned back and cooed back, saying that they would find peace - or die trying.

The fallen Tyrannosaur was Thunderstorm, knocked unconscious. Another T.rex approached Thunderstorm. This was Hurricane, and he looked at Thunderstorm with curiosity - he sensed familiarity in this beast. He nudged him gently, awakening the creature.

Thunderstorm struggled to his feet, growling lowly at Hurricane. he, too, sensed the familiarity that he felt. The two theropods then realised; they were brothers! But Thunderstorm was confused, as his only known surviving sibling was his sister Earthquake. Hurricane cooed lowly, explaining his story.

*28 years prior*

In the Golden Land, a nest was filled with eggs, belonging to the deadliest predator alive; Tyrannosaurus rex. However, sixteen Dakotaraptors lurked in the shadows. The parent Tyrannosaurs were on a hunt, and they seized an opportunity to take the eggs. As they were about to take the last two, the parents returned. They chased the Raptors off.

One of the Raptors tripped, dropping the egg into a nearby stream. It floated away, and the pack continued on. A few hours later, the egg was picked up by a Quetzalcoatlus named Ptero. Ptero flew away, intending to feed his own offspring with it. However, a thunderstorm struck, and he dropped it when narrowly dodging a bolt of lightning. The egg landed in another stream, this time washing ashore in Alberta, Canada, next to an Albertosaurus nest. The parents, Albus and Alba, noticed the egg, which ressembled the two eggs in their nest. They gently placed it with the other eggs.

And then, a week later, something miraculous happened. Albus and Alba anxiously awaited the hatching of their chicks. First born was Alborax, then Cocoa. And the last to hatch was the Tyrannosaurus egg, which gave rise to Hurricane. Albus and Alba raised their chicks with love and affection, although something was always off about Hurricane. While Albus, Alba, Alborax, and Cocoa were sleek and slender, Hurricane was large and bulky. He eventually came to be larger than his foster family. Their largest member, Albus, had topped out at thirty feet long and ten feet tall, but Hurricane had reached forty-seven feet long and seventeen feet tall.

However, the difference in their body structures came handy in hunting. The slim and fast Albertosaurus could divert a prey target, and chase them into the massive jaws of Hurricane. However, one day, they were separated during a hunt where they ambushed a herd of Pachyrhinosaurus. Two of them had separated Hurricane from his family, and had sent him tumbling down a ravine.

Demoralised, Hurricane left, heading for Hell Creek. He eventually made his home in one of the many forests.


Hurricane helped Thunderstorm as he struggled to his feet. Thunderstorm limped, trailing behind his slightly younger brother as the two left in search of food. Seeing that Thunderstorm wouldn't be able to do much in a hunt, Hurricane cooed for him to wait for him to make a kill, to which the Lightning Rex complied and obeyed, sitting down to rest.

Hurricane saw a lone Triceratops that did not notice him. He charged as the Ceratopsid turned in horror, but it was too late. The force of three combined great white sharks clamping down on prey closed down on the herbivore's neck. His spinal cord was crushed instantly, killing him. Hurricane placed a foot on the side of the Triceratops and began to eat, saving some cuts for his brother. As he continued to feast, he heard small footsteps in the distance.

They were too small to be another T.rex. He raised his head and looked around, his senses on high alert. He saw the shadow of a small theropod rushing by, and next thing he knew, he was being swarmed by three Nanotyrannus. The Nanos used their speed and agility to easily maneuver their way out of Hurricane's massive jaws.

Frustrated, Hurricane let out a cry for help, to which Thunderstorm responded. His older brother arrived on the scene and easily grabbed the alpha-Nanotyrannus, crushing and decapitating him with ease. Hurricane clamped down on the neck of the alpha's mate, decapitating her.

The remaining Nano was plucked off the ground, his tail in Hurricane's mouth, as Thunderstorm's jaws closed down on his back and shoulders. The two ripped him in half, crushing his mutilated body, dropping its remains to the ground.

The two brothers resumed eating, then left. With his strength replenished, Thunderstorm took the lead as Hurricane cooed, asking where they were heading. The Lightning Rex turned around and declared that they would find their birthplace, the Golden Land, or die trying.


Chapter 4: The Journey

Back at the site of the meteor, the corpses of an obliterated Alamosaurus herd lay. Among them was only one living dinosaur - Destructo, the Carnotaurus. He was feasting on one of the many sauropod carcasses, before leaving. He would have to find a suitable territory with lots of water and herbivores, and to his knowledge, there was only one place like this - the Golden Land.

Back north, the four Albertosaurus had arrived in what would become America. They looked at the devastated Hell Creek. Albus's top alpha senses allowed him to detect a familiar beast - Hurricane. The four hiked down a slope as they looked for their brother.

Hurricane and Thunderstorm were traveling towards the Golden Land, and it was two weeks since the Nanotyrannus attack. They were starving and in desperate need of food, much like what was left of the herbivores. The brothers decided to split up so that they could find a meal more efficiently.


Back in Mexico, Destructo looked sadly at the lifeless bodies of his pack-mates before heading north. He sprinted, determined to arrive as fast as possible.


Hurricane picked up a scent, finally! He would have a chance to kill live prey. Walking down a slope, he saw a Triceratops and Ankylosaurus - both bone-thin from starvation. Hurricane roared as he charged the Trike, immediately clamping down on one of his brow horns. He thrashed wildly, as the herbivore turned his head. His other brow horn went into Hurricane's face, scraping down his skull.

Both beasts reeled back in pain, as Hurricane shook his head profusely before biting down on the Trike's neck. Pressing down with 20,000 pounds of force, he snapped the ceratopsid's neck and began to eat.

Knowing that this would threaten him, the Anky bellowed before slamming his tail club into Hurricane's right shoulder, cracking his shoulder blade. However, the damage was weakened since the herbivore hadn't eaten in three weeks. Seeing the Anky as nothing but a nuisance, Hurricane bit down on one of his forelimbs, crushing it with ease, before flipping it over on its belly. He stomped upon the skull of the Ankylosaurus, killing it.


Albus, Alba, Alborax, and Cocoa picked up the scent of fresh blood. Hiking down a hill, they saw Hurricane feasting on a dead Triceratops. Cocoa immediately dashed towards her older "brother," the two nudging affectionately. Hurricane resumed eating the Trike as the Albertosaurus pack moved in to eat the Ankylosaurus.

Thunderstorm eventually found a meal in the form of a dead Anatosaurus. His only complaint was that it was already being eaten by another predator - four Dakotaraptors. Eagle, Falcon, Hawk, and Owl walked away, knowing that they could not take on a Tyrannosaurus rex. Thunderstorm ate his fill, before leaving. The Raptors moved in to finish eating.

The five Tyrannosaurs continued towards the Golden Land, when suddenly, the ground began to shake. The seismic waves generated by the meteor impact were causing an earthquake, and the ground split open. Albus was separated from his pack, roaring in annoyance.

Hurricane and the others watched in horror as they were separated from their alpha. But they vowed that they would continue on - with or without their leader.


Chapter 5: The Last Stretch

Albus wandered through the wasteland, looking for a way to reunite with his pack. He picked up the scent of another theropod and approached it - but it wasn't a Tyrannosaur.

Two thin legs, supporting a slender body with arms smaller than even those of a Tyrannosaur, ending in a boxy head with two horns - Destructo, the Carnotaurus. Albus roared at Destructo, who bellowed back. The two circled each other, scraping their toes into the dirt and soot.

Albus lunged forward, clamping down on Destructo's throat. Destructo hissed before throwing him off, then biting down on his right arm. Albus roared in pain as he grabbed one of the Abelisaurid's horns in his jaws. He pushed Destructo back, releasing his grip on his forelimb.

The two engaged in a headbutting contest, with Destructo pushing his slightly larger opponent back. This did not phase Albus, who fought back. They released, before Albus bit down on Destructo's skull and threw him to the ground.

Destructo stood to his feet and smashed his horns into Albus's right shoulder, breaking the shoulder blade. Albus roared in pain as his right arm fell limp, and he closed his jaws around Destructo's throat, flexing all the power in his jaws.

Just before he could snap the beast's neck, the ground beneath them shook, and cracked between the two theropods. Albus released his grip as he stepped back, pieces of Earth falling into the gap. Destructo looked at him from the other side and bellowed, signalling a truce. Albus snorted and walked away.

*Two weeks later*

Thunderstorm hadn't seen his brother, and was now skewing from the route to the Golden Land to look for him. His loyalty had always lied with his family, and that would never change. He left on a search for Hurricane.


Hurricane led Alba, Alborax, and Cocoa through what would become Montana. They picked up a familiar scent, Albus! The four Tyrannosaurs ran towards their leader, who nuzzled his mate affectionately. However, the joy wouldn't last long, as the ground began to shake.

A demon, standing upright, prowled towards them. His back was covered in spikes and osteoderns, leading to a head with evil red eyes. It was the Unstoppable Lord, Nequit Dominum.

The four theropods roared at the demonic being, who merely chuckled at them. They would stand their ground against this demonic monster, even at the cost of their own lives.


Regent Tyrannos

May-19-2017 1:44 PM

Sorry that it's a bit short, it's been a while since I've written a story lol

Emperor GorillaGodzilla

May-19-2017 5:17 PM

Great job!



"The metal will suffice."-Unknown

Regent Tyrannos

May-19-2017 5:17 PM

^Thanks, like I said, they're shorter because it's been a while.


Also your thoughts on the new Isla Nublar story?

Emperor GorillaGodzilla

May-19-2017 5:23 PM

I mean it isn't that much shorter--pretty reasonable length. Isla Nublar sounds cool, just make sure to differentiate it from The End so people don't think The End takes place on Isla Nublar xD.



"The metal will suffice."-Unknown

Regent Tyrannos

May-19-2017 5:25 PM

^Thoughts on Tyrance's absence?

Emperor GorillaGodzilla

May-19-2017 5:34 PM




"The metal will suffice."-Unknown

Regent Tyrannos

May-19-2017 5:35 PM

^His son will be in it - Tyrannos.

Regent Tyrannos

May-19-2017 5:41 PM

Sadly, Tyrannos is no Tyrant Lord

Emperor GorillaGodzilla

May-19-2017 5:43 PM

Tyrannos? I haven't made Tyrance's son yet. Wait until I do cause that will be coming soon.



"The metal will suffice."-Unknown

Regent Tyrannos

May-19-2017 5:46 PM

^Ok fine I'll wait, but here is the cast so far:









2 Subordinate Mapusaurus





Diabolus Dominum


Emperor GorillaGodzilla

May-19-2017 5:47 PM



"The metal will suffice."-Unknown

Regent Tyrannos

May-19-2017 5:48 PM

Also I thought Tyrannos would be Tyrance's son because back when we first founded the Empire, Tyrannos was your steed

Regent Tyrannos

May-19-2017 5:48 PM


Regent Tyrannos

May-19-2017 5:49 PM

Also there will be the four Albertosaurus from this story.

Something Real

May-19-2017 5:51 PM

DRACONUS - This is extremely neat! I am pleased to see that Tyrance's story is still in motion! I greatly enjoyed the detail you paid to the descriptions of each scene! Excellent work! Thank you ever so much for taking the time to share this with us! :)

Regent Tyrannos

May-19-2017 5:53 PM

^Tyrance will be absent in the new Isla Nublar story

Regent Tyrannos

May-20-2017 7:32 AM

Chapter 3 up.

Emperor GorillaGodzilla

May-20-2017 8:49 AM

I'm really enjoying the attention to detail you've been adding. Great job!

Lost in the End is in production btw, it won't be confined to 7 chapters as The End--it will be as long as it needs to be.



"The metal will suffice."-Unknown

Regent Tyrannos

May-20-2017 9:02 AM

^Can you give me the name of Tyrance's son soon? He's going to be in my new Isla Nublar story, which releases in June

Emperor GorillaGodzilla

May-20-2017 10:35 AM

I'd prefer if you just didn't use the son though, cause his story is something that needs to have a basis in The End first. And I'm not certain yet if he survived hatching.



"The metal will suffice."-Unknown

Regent Tyrannos

May-20-2017 12:47 PM

^Ok then. The main theropod protagonist of the new Isla Nublar story will be Thunderstorm

Something Real

May-20-2017 12:56 PM

DRACONUS - This was a very compelling chapter! I very much enjoyed the inclusion of the Dakotaraptors! :)

Regent Tyrannos

May-20-2017 12:59 PM

^Well, it is my third favourite dinosaur. We will also be seeing a Carnotaurus, more of the Dakotaraptors, more of the Albertosaurus family, and of course, more of Thunderstorm, Earthquake, and Hurricane.

Regent Tyrannos

May-25-2017 3:17 PM

chapter 4 up

Emperor GorillaGodzilla

May-25-2017 4:29 PM

Chapter was:



"The metal will suffice."-Unknown

Regent Tyrannos

May-25-2017 4:32 PM

^I'm assuming that's a compliment?

Emperor GorillaGodzilla

May-25-2017 4:35 PM




"The metal will suffice."-Unknown

Regent Tyrannos

May-25-2017 4:38 PM


Regent Tyrannos

May-26-2017 12:42 PM

chapter 5 up.

Regent Tyrannos

May-26-2017 1:10 PM

Final battle is next, it will be its own separate topic

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