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Could be more kind of aliens in the next movie? *Spoiler alert*

James Loki



Posted May-15-2017 6:43 PM

This article is for those who has already seen the movie, because spoilers.

In the movie "Alien: Covenant" the crew finds out a planet where they find David who created the xenomorphs. But that was not the original destination of the ship.

After the events in the Engineer planet, they go again to the original destination, a planet called "Origae-6" with David aboard and his evilous plan.

In the trailer "Prologue: Last Supper" one of the woman of the crew saes in the planet (Origae-6) there are some kind of bugs.

I thought in first place Wayland already knew about the xeno's but, it seems it's not true.

With David aboard and the facehugers eggs on the ship. I think he will continue experimenting until reah the real and original xenomorph. Thanks to the new bugs.

What do you think?


The video where is said about the bugs is here:




May-16-2017 3:52 PM

She (Rosenthal) was referring to what she heard (does not mean its true) and that near a colonial world...  which is open to be debated as a Colony or a Colonial Marines Outpost.

The destination Origae-6 is a uninhabited place or at least they assume and its a place that No Humans have yet been to.

However... the next movie does have the opportunity to explore different Aliens as i am sure David will take the Ship to LV-223 and be doing some more experiments.

If Ridley and FOX read Reactions to the movie, they will find a lot of fans was interested in the many experiments he was carrying out and the Neomorphs, and so while he may intend to show us more Xenomorphs... they could be open to show us some different versions too.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

James Loki

May-18-2017 10:18 AM

Oh, I see. (About the rumours said by Rosenthal).

And yes... It would be nice if we can see more experiments and also Engineers, maybe answering some questions made back in "Prometheus".


Jun-21-2017 12:56 AM

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Sep-11-2017 4:24 AM

I think we sure should expect some bad ass aliens in this new one. And I think those would be the scariest of the aliens that we have seen so far. I am sure that the last film is going to be a wonderful experience.

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