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ALIEN 3 - original movie costume

ALIEN 3 - original movie costume

Sergeant Apone

Apr-13-2017 4:27 PM

Hi, I am Sergeant Apone. And I'm selling an original inmate costume from the movie ALIEN 3. Get your genuine prop just in time for Alien Day!


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Aug-07-2017 3:41 AM

My main issues with Alien 3 were I felt it wasn't as scary as the first two and much of the cast wasn't as well developed. Long lasting characters like David (played by the great Pete Postlethwaite) don't get a single line until after the movie is halfway over and Jude doesn't get a line until the final 15 minutes. Also I didn't feel it was as scary as the first two.
But it is hardly a bad film. There's a lot to like about it from Weaver's stirring performance, the beautiful score by Goldenthal, the hellish color pallet, the sweeping and moody sets, and its overall themes of self sacrifice and redemption. Going back to a single Alien was an excellent idea, the space prison was a setting that felt right at home in the series, and it was the start of another great director. It has rightfully become a cult classic, and may someday be more recognized by the general public. Even if some of its choices didn't work out for it, one can still admire the risks it took. More movies should be willing to take that chance. You can watch the full length movie for free on Terrarium TV.

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