Posted Apr-04-2017 8:32 PM

Really lit how the alien series came out to be.    Hated on the 3rd one, but after getting older I learned to appreciate it more.  Of course resurrection was weird, but I learned to appreciate it as well  I really like the female android and her sleeper mission.  (because she was programmed to protect humanity and how she was part of an android rebellion war against weyland.....very blade runner).  A complete contrast to the first movie of ash being a sleeper agent android, to retrieve a lifeform from LV 426 even if it meant having to harm humans.

Now the xenomorph its not just an alien creature is part of a bigger picture maybe sharing its origins from human like aliens that created mankind.

pretty neat how david is introduced as the first event of a synthetic or A.I to break out of its programmed behavior pattern and became truly aware of its own being, surroundings and doing things of his own freewill.     Coincidently after discovering and another important event of finding the true origins humanity in the alien universe but that could maybe be relevant to real world s##t     like these scientists who are working on the possibility that maybe we were engineered and that our creators left a marker in our DNA.  





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