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LATEST Alien:Covenant. Jack Nicholson character reprise

LATEST Alien:Covenant. Jack Nicholson character reprise


Mar-31-2017 8:08 PM

Could anything compare to being locked in a room with a xenomorph? Would your chances of survival change if it was an axe wielding lunatic, in the form of Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson), from the classic cult horror movie The Shining ?

In what is being claimed to be a huge, and highly unexpected plot twist,

the image of being locked in a med-bay with Mad Jack brandishing his chopper must surely have the potential to scar anyone for life.

An alleged source has claimed that the idea was inspired by Ridley Scott wanting to scare the sh*t out of people whilst wanting an audience to ask those big questions like

“What the hell is going on? “ and “Are we having a laugh?”.

It’s the kind of script writing someone thought David Lindelof might have come up with. Apparently, after much deliberation and close scrutiny, any plot holes were patched up after a couple of minutes.

Since the success of Prometheus, enabling the reprise of the Alien franchise, reprising other horror successes might not be such a bad idea.

For those wondering if the vodka swigging Vickers ( Charlize Theron) could make a come back, the alleged source said that due to the vast quatities of booze consumed on the Prometheus set, the budget probably would’nt stretch that far since it was a logistical nightmare trying to conceal such quantities. That’s what all the urns were for.

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Apr-01-2017 12:02 AM


Very well played Batchy!


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


Apr-01-2017 4:06 AM

Ha Ha love it ;)

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Nov-15-2017 5:06 AM

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