Rift Rat



Posted Mar-21-2017 7:19 PM

Who would YOU like to see Skull Island's Kong take on in battle?

I wouldn't mind covering some "re-match" territory first, like a modern Gorosaurus. Then, skip the sorry old Sea Snake and just pit him against Manda. Finally, under the right circumstances even my old friend the Devilfish (AKA Odako) could prove a challenge. 

A pretty back-to-basics line up for Kong, true, but at least a good work out before a new MechniKong appears to play Terminator on his monkey butt :)



Dragon King Ultrazero80

Mar-21-2017 7:39 PM

I kinda wanna see Kong fight Mothra. They are kinda similar in a way.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.

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