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Topic Was She Transgender?




Posted Mar-18-2017 11:45 AM

Was Meredith Vickers (from Prometheus) a male-to-female transgender woman? I hope Alien: Covenant provides more details about her background.

According to this essay, it seems to be the case:

Some points that allude to her being transgender include:

-The medical pod in her lifeboat was designed for someone with male genitals, and there were two lifeboats on the ship. One for her and one for her father.

-Her distressed look when Weyland mentions that David is like the son he used to have.

-Weyland's disgust for her when he wakes up from his sleep (he wouldn't even look at her). This matches with someone who is transphobic.





Posted Mar-18-2017 12:27 PM


In the ALIENS dossier, it's noted that Lambert (ALIEN) under went sexual realignment at birth for undisclosed reasons.

Joan Lambert (Nostromo Navigator)

So mysterious....




Posted Mar-18-2017 1:59 PM

Well. I always thought there was something strange going on with Vickers. We can deduce that she wasn't married, so why was her last name Vickers if she was Weyland's daughter? Did she not only change gender, but her last name too?

Was the "Closest thing I have to a son" jibe aimed at the sex change 'Meredith', because Weyland was angry about it and more or less disowned his own child in favour of a synthetic, who was modelled after his 'son'.

The med-pod was calibrated for a male, but that could have been for Weyland, just in case, even though it was contained in Vicker's quarters. After all Weyland was secreted away in his own cryopod, unbenownst to the crew.

Why did Vickers appear to hate David so much? Could it have been "that David was based on Vickers’s DNA", as hinted at by Ridley? Or is she too a synthetic and is either unaware of that fact or unwilling to accept it?

Ridley Scott:The similar appearances and mannerisms of Vickers and David were intended to raise the possibility that David was based on Vickers’s DNA, or that Vickers is an android”.

One thing is certain, Weyland appeared to think very little of his daughter and the final insult came when he pulled his hand away from her cheek, denying her the approval and love she craved from him.  



"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger




Posted Mar-18-2017 6:58 PM

There was one lifeboat and the medpod was for Weyland.

Weyland wanted a son but had a daughter, which disappointed him.  The disappointment hurt Vickers.

No real need to read transgender issues into it.




Posted Mar-18-2017 7:31 PM

@Lady Geisha: That's a good point. It seems to be a parallel between Ripley/Lambert and Shaw/Vickers.

@Lone: I asked myself the same questions. I wish some of the Wiki pages would allow the theory to exist, but it often gets deleted (yet the theory about her being an android is allowed).

@S.M: No, there were 2 lifeboats on Prometheus. It was discussed here:

Also, if Weyland wanted a son so bad, why didn't he just use genetic engineering to ensure that his child would be male? He lives in an era where androids can be built, but he can't have a human son? 




Posted Mar-18-2017 8:15 PM

Dunno.  Maybe he couldn't?  It's not terribly relevant.  He had a daughter but wanted a son so he pulled a Geppetto and built one.

And one five year old thread with someone makes an unsupported claim that they think there's 2 lifeboats when the official line is that there is one, isn't really going to cut it.




Posted Mar-18-2017 9:01 PM

@S.M: The official diagram of the ship states that there are 2 lifeboats.

Can you provide proof that there is only 1 lifeboat?

You don't think it's relevant because it shuts down your argument.




Posted Mar-18-2017 9:11 PM

I'm not making an argument.  Merely disagreeing with your argument that Vickers is transgender.  Mainly because there isn't a shred of evidence to support such an argument.

As for life boats - the picture says "lifeboat module" singular; not lifeboat modules. The line is also pointing to the wrong part of the ship. Here's another one that says there's only one.

(I tried posting the picture but this site can be flakey with that sort of thing.)


Something Real



Posted Mar-18-2017 9:38 PM

FOXXY_USER - I happen to believe there is more compelling evidence to support the hypothesis Vickers is an android - not human at all.




Posted Mar-19-2017 1:38 AM

I never got the robot thing either. Janek asks the question and Vickers provides the answer.




Posted Mar-19-2017 1:45 AM

@Something Real: Why do you think she's an android?

@S.M: Hmm...very interesting. I need to look into this.




Posted Apr-09-2017 12:26 PM

nooooooo   thought it was more because she was an android and that medpod was for weyland i

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