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Topic Are Alien fans as 'active' as other sci-fi fans?

Alien Explored



Posted Feb-16-2017 3:08 AM


I'm wondering if Alien fans are 'passive' compared to other sci-fi fans or if the Alien fanbase in general participates in active fan activities such as cons, cosplay, fan fiction etc. What do you think about this?

I am also wondering wheather Alien fandom is primarily a US phenomenon or if Alien has a large fanbase in other countries. What are your impressions of this?





Posted Feb-16-2017 3:08 PM

Just look up Alien loves Predator UK. Thats all I'm sayin. Some things are just best left unsaid.




Posted Feb-16-2017 3:25 PM

Fan numbers are considerable, but they're never going to be in Star Trek or Star Wars proportions. 




Posted Feb-16-2017 4:49 PM

Plenty of fans world wide.Like S.M. said not as strong as Star Wars,but not to far behind Star Trek.unfortunately Star Trek isn't as popular as it once was :(




Posted Feb-17-2017 10:20 AM

Here in Sweden(Stockholm) .. When you find another Alien-fan in your level, it's like you wanna celebrate with a cake X)


Also, Xenos isn't as easy to cosplay as ...compared to some Star Wars and Star Trek characters.. 

I think that is why it isn't so popular in the cosplayworld here in Sweden anyway.


Personaly, I have attended to "Sci-fi, Games and Movie" Con every year since 2002(as a visitor only).

And actually every now and then there is someone cosplaying as a Xeno there ^_^


I even have a Alien joystick for my Sega Master System :D

Alien Explored



Posted Feb-28-2017 3:25 AM

@raveis can I quote you on my blog?

Deeming Alien fans "inactive" certainly isn't fair - but I have the idea that Alien fandom in general is more speculative than active/creative compared to massive phenomena like Star Wars, Star Trek, and also non-scifi stuff like the Marvel superheroes. Even if you take the size of the fanbases into comparison. I think the reasons for this can be found in the Alien storyline(s) and universe itself. As you have probably guessed my knowledge of Alien is quite limited compared to the hardcore fans you can probably find here. I am learning though...

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