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Topic Space movie where humans rediscover emotions: Hilarity ensues




Posted Feb-03-2017 12:17 PM

About a decade ago I remember hearing about a Science Fiction space drama / comedy in which humans had lost emotion and on a long voyage suddenly start experiencing emotions again.  I remember their was a trailer and it looked to be about he average quality for a fan film.  


I can't remember the title of the film.  I'm not sure if it was ever made or not.  Does anyone out there remember this project?  After seeing Iron Sky I remembered this trailer and had an urge to look up the project again.


Mishel Case



Posted May-06-2017 7:02 AM

there was a movie in which they shut down their emotion I think it was called equilibrium I remember I had Purchase Assignment and books to read its story. But there isn’t any movie related to space with that story background though there is also movie which recently came in about space I guess its name was gravity and somehow arrival is also about space and aliens. Try these two maybe these are the one you are looking for.




Posted Sep-05-2017 8:20 AM

Its a suspense thriller as per my observation and i am really looking forward to it. As i have read best resume review service  article on this movie before and really amazed by the results.

Maisie Acton



Posted Oct-11-2017 12:55 AM

On space topic movies Interstellar is one of the finest movie I have ever watched I think the story of Interstellar was absolutely unique order assignments, The Earth is in ruins. Life is not something it can support anymore. Humans need to leave to a new planet or a temporary place to survive. Cooper, an ex-NASA pilot offers to help and go find a planet of suitable nature to sustain life.

Irina Crimson



Posted Oct-12-2017 4:21 AM

Space movie where humans rediscover emotions, Mmm from the title of the movie I'm just feeling that its going to earn mammoth amount, The word rediscover in the title made me and my write my coursework friends thinking that they might show the end of the world in the movie because only that thing can rediscover which had demolished or vanished before...

Euan Kurtis



Posted Oct-12-2017 6:55 AM

To write a story of space is another thing but the difficult part is when you have to visualize the scenes, I have also seen some movies which are on space topics but honestly I just like interstellar from all of the movies I have seen with essay service uk friends.. Now I have lots of expectation with Hilarity Ensues and I'm pretty much sure that he will going to be deliver it perfectly...

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