Posted Jan-24-2017 2:32 PM

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So, I just wanted to share my thoughts out there, I think I may have come up with a solid idea for a new Alien movie. At the end of Aliens, the queen is thrown into space, what if some ship somehow finds the queen just floating in space, or what if the queen is alive and boards a ship that passes it? I'm assuming the queen would still be alive in space, since we've seen Xenomorphs survive in space before. Then all hell breaks loose, etc. It leaves room for a new cast of characters, and I think it would be an interesting idea to see. I want to know what you guys think!



Jan-24-2017 9:20 PM

It does sound intriguing.I've had the same thoughts about the queen.By the way can you post this were more people can find it?

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Jan-25-2017 2:54 AM

Be like a needle in a hay-stack for sure....

finding one 18ft Organism in the vastness of space... but the theory is plausible..

even if the Queen dies,  would its body degenerate in the Vacuum of Space?

I would logically have if such a Plot was used, it would maybe work better if they found a dead Queen and reverse Engineer its (attempt to clone it) would be a better way to explore such a idea.

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Jake William

Jan-25-2017 3:44 AM

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