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Topic What is canon?




Posted Jan-13-2017 7:43 AM

so with the release of covenant coming up what I want to know what's considered canon including comics the list of thing's that I know are canon are: Alien, Aliens, Prometheus, Alien: Isolation, the Fire and Stone series, the Life and Death, and Aliens: Defiance. What else am I missing? (I excluded the other two failed movies that we don't talk about on purpose.)

The path to Paradise begins in hell





Posted Jan-13-2017 9:21 AM


All of the Novelizations of the movies are considered Canon as well.  Check out Alan Dean Fosters novelizations of Alien, Aliens, and A3 at Amazon.  There are lots of details in the books that you don't see or hear about in the movies.




Posted Jan-13-2017 1:35 PM

Canon also currently includes the novels released since 2014 (Out Of The Shadows onwards) and the Weyland Yutani Report.

Oh, and Alien3 and Resurrection.

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