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Topic DALLAS: Blade Runner

DALLAS: Blade Runner




Posted Dec-27-2016 8:18 PM



Before Arthur Koblenz Dallas was captain of the commercial towing vehicle USCSS NOSTROMO, he had a different career in mind... a job in law enforcement... a role as Blade Runner...

The year was 2095, the place, Los Angeles...


Pondering as he rode his bicycle across the rooftops of decaying towers, Dallas was uncomfortable with the degree he had in engineering. It wasn't how he envisioned his life to go. His father relentlessly urged him to become a pilot, but 20 year old Dallas felt that he needed a thrill in his life. An occupation to die for...

Pedestrians looked up as Dallas glided across each building on his dinky bicycle, an obvious sign of how tedious modern life became. Maneuvering through the thousands of pedestrians on the ground was much too difficult to handle, so Dallas resorted to transportation on rooftops...not strictly legal though...

At the moment, Dallas was heading for a job interview at Tyrell Corporation. Although his entire family was against it, the profession was irresistible to his virgin soul. 

Putting his bicycle against the Pyramid, he ran cheerfully into the elevator. The mixture of blue light from countless projectors and the smoke inspectors' cigars had produced really set an atmosphere. With the click of a button, levels were drifting below him, and he was going up, all the way up, to a new life.

Six hours later, Dallas was hired as Blade Runner...

The job interview was strange... Very quiet.. He was subject to many tests, one with a bizarre German name that he couldn't remember exactly... He was also given a gun and some basic biotechnological trivia. In particular, the fact that androids had slower reaction time was emphasized. Very intriguing...

His first assessment was to track down some Replicant who had apparently stole the tickets of Off-World tourists. Although a small task, Dallas found it vastly superior to piloting.

He began at the docks, where passengers boarded cruisers for a vacation on Mars. He waited, carefully watching everyone who stepped into a vehicle. Rain made it impossible to light cigars and read newspapers, so Dallas was never distracted by other activities. But his mind often drifted to strange places.... Imagining unicorns being chased by massive insects...

Then out of the blue, he felt a sense of insecurity. The enemy was near. He removed a gun from his coat pocket and began shooting in the air.

Everyone human ran... But all androids had slower reaction times, so they just stood.. And there was only one man standing in the empty void... A REPLICANT.

Dallas whipped his gun over and aimed right at the suspect's head. Without hesitation, he blew the Replicant's face away with one resonating shot. Then he came closer to shoot the android seven more times in the torso... The Replicant shook violently, his whole body undulating. Dallas took the Off World tickets from its hands and stuffed them into his own pocket. 

All he could make out from the robot was one word...


Arthur Koblenz Dallas had made his first kill, and he officially declared himself as a Blade Runner.

But something was wrong--- he kept remembering the unicorn.





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