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Topic My theory on Shaw




Posted Dec-26-2016 3:56 PM

I think shaw might be sleeping just like the engineer was in Prometheus. I think David put her to sleep after the environment got infected with the black goo.Just waiting to be rescued.

I think they might have crashed and how there's no medical pod he put her to sleep until eventually help arrives. I think the covenant will receive a distress signal just like in alien placed by David.

Remember the pictures that showed the engineers fighting each other?

I think that's a result of the crash.The infected engineers attacked the non infected.

I think that besides the neomorphs, the protomorphs and the xenomorphs... there might still be engineers hiding. I also think that the infected engineers might still be evolving.

I also think that David must've placed her in the pressure suit so he could place her in cryogenic sleep. I believe the suit will heal her but just like the engineers... it would bond with her flesh creating the bio mechanical look on her.

That might give her an advantage over the other crew.. I think she will end up fighting along with the final survivers and just when all seems hopeless.... I believe the engineers that were in hiding will make the final sacrifice of destroying themselves with their creation. Giving shaw and the survivors a chance to escape....





Posted Dec-29-2016 4:51 PM


But would the Covenant Crew have not found her..

The synopsis claims David is the only inhabitant found.... No Engineers, No Shaw...

Maybe David kills the Engineers, but how does the Ship crash..

Only Logical explanation is they arrive...

David finds some information or he awakes Shaw and says here are your Gods... and i know why you was created and what this Goo is for.... "she asks what" and David unleashes it on the Engineers..

Shaw then attempts to stop David and it causes David to crash the ship.....

Shaw tries to escape but David catches her... and well he uses her for experiments.

I hope that the only AWAKENING we are in for is FOX/RS wake up and learn from their mistakes.

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