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Topic Scified Community Member Leaderboards! See where you rank!




Posted Dec-22-2016 7:33 AM

Since I introduced an up-voting system (suggested as a neat feature by Svanya) many members have taken a liking to it - up-voting posts they enjoy. Each time a memeber up-votes another member's posts, whether they be forum topics or front page editorials, the author receives one rep point. Members can not up-vote the same post more than once and authors can not give themselves Rep points by up-voting their own posts. Basically, it is a means of showing how the community values one another and their work.

Another neat feature which I discussed with our co-admin Gavin was a game-style leaderboard, where members would be ranked within the community. Since the up-voting system has had time to kick in and populate, I've launched the Member Leaderboards page - which displays the Top 50 members based on REP value.

Now, of course older posts can be up-voted but before the up-voting system was in place, none of these members gained rep. Rep will require new up-votes, but as admin I can appoint additional Rep points to veterans who have contributed to the community over the past 5 years.

If you want to see where you rank, check out the Leaderboards page! If you're a veteran member and wish to have your Rep reimbursed to improve your community rank, simply PM me. I know who all our regulars and veterans are and will be happy to boost your Rep.

As always, feedback is welcome!





Posted Dec-22-2016 8:03 AM

Love it!




Posted Dec-22-2016 9:23 AM

wicked - good to see im in the top 20!




Posted Dec-22-2016 7:53 PM

Yeah nice to see im 27th  with 5,416 Essays lol...

Posting for 5 years ;)  Guess content and opinion mean more than words typed lol

Joking guys..

Great to be  apart of this community and read everyone's views, and i know its  chore to read mine lol....  Been some amazing discussions on here, and i had some crazy thories over the years lol

Nice to see some close, other well IMO better than were Fox actually going...

Bring on may 19th so we can see how close my theories and Source material is.... or if the AVP Galaxy leaks and what they believed comes true (which make more of a mockery than Phantom Menace did with Star Wars lol).

Keep up the good work guys.

We was wrong!! soooo Wrong!!




Posted Dec-22-2016 8:20 PM

Big Dave, I will be adding a significant boost to your Rep, you definitely would have gained a lot had this function been active when you started haha. Look for the boost in your profile any time!




Posted Dec-22-2016 8:21 PM

srsly gotta be some more love for BigDave.




Posted Dec-22-2016 8:23 PM

Oh yes, plenty. lol Just upped your rep Big Dave! Took into account all your posts and how members value / interact with them. Needless to say, your rank has improved. haha




Posted Dec-22-2016 8:25 PM

I'm thinking of adding an up-vote option to replies as well, considering not everyone starts topics all the time. Some prefer just to reply to existing ones. If you guys think that would be worth the effort, I'll add it to my To-Do list.




Posted Dec-22-2016 11:28 PM

Yay, Big Dave is now exactly where he should be! :)


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger




Posted Dec-22-2016 11:30 PM


It would be nice if 
All threads have 
A view counter.

Congrats bigdave

Lord Vader



Posted Dec-23-2016 5:10 AM

Wonder how high up I would be of we had this when I started? No biggie. 


I think upvoting comments would be cool

I hit the hay all day mother fucker. 24 hour sleep cycle. If you awake you a fake. It's bed time bitch




Posted Dec-23-2016 6:12 AM

@Oduodo, As of about 3 weeks ago, all threads do have an active view count. However views prior to this were stored in a different manner and were not transferred. You can see the views each topic gets beside the Replies column. There's also a tab under "Forum" that links to "Most Viewed Topics".




Posted Dec-23-2016 6:48 AM

Thanks Chris 

Linkin Park-ified Draconus Tyrannus



Posted Feb-11-2017 6:44 PM

Glad to see that I'm 8

"Who can't relate to the idea of leaving one chapter behind and moving on to the next?" - Mike Shinoda

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