Posted Dec-16-2016 6:14 PM

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Dec-18-2016 10:20 AM

Hi Facehuggers

I listened a couple of times to it and think I found a couple of tricks they applied to the voice:

1: the voice is cut off on both the upper and lower freqs.. this gives it a sound like through an old phone.

2: this cut-off layer is then modulated in two ways I think:

-1 the cut off effect is modulated in a sine pattern wave that determines the amount of cut off effect applied.. this is what gives it the "wavy" effect. For what I can hear close to approx 4 hrz.

1B: this cut off sample is the applied a tiny bit of common resonance.

2- I cant here so clear though youtube but it also appears that the audiosample for his voice is not only cut off and modulated, it is also layered with an exact same audiosample that is in a very low bitrate.. getting it a bit more gritty feel.

Downmixed these two layers should get pretty close to what we're hearing..


Hope this helps dude :)





Dec-18-2016 3:37 PM


Wow, you know your stuff! My friend took your input and applied it to some audio software---got pretty close :)


Dec-19-2016 11:43 AM

send me a wetransfer with your sample at materializer at gmail dot com and i'll fix you up with some hits to get even closer maybe.

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