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Topic You can now review Shin Godzilla on Scified!

You can now review Shin Godzilla on Scified!




Posted Jul-29-2016 3:47 PM

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Today being July 29th means Shin Godzilla has officially released in Japan! This also means reviewing for the film has been opened here on Scified! Once you've seen Shin-Gojira, you can click the Add Review button on the Shin Godzilla movie page ( or click the blue "write" icon at the top left of the page, select "Add Review" and select Godzilla Resurgence / Shin-Gojira from the list!

This is also a reminder to please NOT post your reviews as new forum topics as this can get quite messy. The reviews section is designed to organise reviews for a given film, so we ask that you submit your verdict through the Add Review option instead.

Looking forward to reading everyone's reviews!


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