Clash of the Titans: Spinosaurus rex Vs. Indominus rex Vs. Rexy Vs. JP3 Spinosaurus

Clash of the Titans: Spinosaurus rex Vs. Indominus rex Vs. Rexy Vs. JP3 Spinosaurus

Vitas Thanos



Posted Mar-09-2016 12:09 PM

Clash of the Titans: Spinosaurus rex Vs. Indominus rex Vs. Rexy Vs. JP3 Spinosaurus

Spinosaurus rex
Length: 50 feet
Weapons: jaws, claws, strength, speed, good eyesight, acute sense of smell, semiaquatic, largest contestant
Weaknesses: sail is a vulnerable spot, not too intellegent
Description: This large female is desperate for a meal, having not eaten in days.  She will do anything to find food.

Indominus rex
Length: 50 feet
Weapons: jaws, claws, size, strength, speed, camouflage, can change heat signature, most intellegent, poseable thumbs, unhingable jaws
Weaknesses: None
Description: This agressive female is sadistic, killing anything she sees.  She won't back down from any other dinosaurs who dare to challenge her.

Length: 40 feet
Weapons: strongest jaws, size, strength, speed, good eyesight, acute sense of smell, experience
Weaknesses: old, smallest fighter
Description: Rexy is on the prowl, ready to take on anyone who challenges her crown as the queen of Isla Nublar.  She uses her skills and experience as a veteran fighter to win all her battles.

JP3 Spinosaurus
Length: 50 feet
Weapons: claws, size, strength, speed, semiaquatic
Weaknnesses: sail is a vulnerable spot, least intellegent, jaws not too strong, bad eyesight
Description: This male has not eaten in days and is on the brink of starvation.  He will eat anything he can find.
Jurassic Park Old Visitor Center, Isla Nublar
 A herd of Parasaurolophus grazes outside the visitor center of the first Jurassic Park.  Unbeknownst to them, they are being hunted.  Inside the ancient building, a Spinosaurus rex lurks, peering through a hole in the wall.  She singles out a young Para, her eyes locked on it.  Suddenly, she smashes through the doors, roaring.  The herd scatters and flees in panic.  The S. rex finds her target and her massive jaws close in, killing the herbivore.  She then devours her kill as the herd leaves the area.
 To the right of the building, the Indominus rex lurks in the shadows, cloaked by camouflage.  She's hungry for something to eat.  The S. rex smells the I. rex but can't see her.  Massive footsteps make the ground shake.  It's the Indominus rex stomping toward the S. rex, revealing herself as she walks.  The I. rex lets out a threatening roar, but the larger S. rex is not intimidated and does not back down.
 Inside the lake in front of the visitor center, a sail emerges from the water, catching the hybrids' attention.  It belongs to a large male Spinosaurus, the age-old enemy of Tyrannosaurus rex and the largest theropod.  He climbs out of the lake, bellowing at the other 2.  The 3 carnivores size each other up, but before they can attack, a loud, booming roar fills the air, and a flock of birds flies away.
 The roar is coming from a hunter, one that almost every creature fears: Tyrannosaurus rex.  It's Rexy, the queen of Isla Nublar, and she's not about to let these trespassers steal her crown.  The mighty queen approaches, snarling at her 3 larger foes.  Rexy may be the smallest, but she won't back down, for she is hungry and needs to eliminate the competition to keep her place as apex predator.  She lets out another roar, flashing her serrated teeth in her giant jaws.  The others need to be wary of those jaws, for they are the strongest out of all of their jaws. 
 All 4 fighters snarl viciously at each other, hoping for a bite out of the S. rex's kill.  The Spino, being the least intellegent, attacks first, lunging at the I. rex with his giant, gaping jaws open.  The I. rex camouflages in the nick of time, and the Spino's jaws close down on nothing.  The S. rex takes this chance and bites his throat.  She drags him around, smashing him into the wall of the visitor center.  The Spino's shoulder is badly wounded, with blood trickling down to the ground.  The I. rex reappears and bites the Spino's snout while clawing at his chest and throat.  She throws him to the ground, and S. rex walks in for the final blow.  Suddenly, Rexy rams into her chest, breaking some ribs, saving the Spino.  She bites her neck and drags her around, ramming her again.  As she pushes the S. rex back, Rexy looks at the Spino and growls lowly.  The Spino stands back up and covers Rexy's back.  It's clear that they have formed an alliance.  The hybrids, overpowered as they are, decide to team up to make it easier to kill the other 2.
 The Spino fights the S. rex, grabbing her neck and slashing her.  S. rex breaks free and rams the Spino, who slashes her in the face, taking her eye out.  Spino wrestles her to the ground, but the S. rex retreats into the lake.  The Spino follows, and the much faster and manuverable S. rex clamps down on his throat.  To make things even worse, she starts pushing down, drowning him.  The enraged Spino breaks free and slashes her throat several times.  He then shoves one of his powerful arms into her chest, ripping her heart out.  The dead S. rex sinks as the injured and tired Spino swims to the surface.  He finds a platform to rest on and stays there.
 Meanwhile, Rexy clashes with the I. rex.  She has fought one before, but it was a juvenile, and this one's fully grown.  The 2 rexes jawlock, then Rexy bites the I. rex's throat.  The I. rex chomps down on Rexy's head and slashes her, shoving her inside the old visitor center.  Rexy doesn't recover quickly enough and suffers the consequences.  The I. rex's large, carnosaurian skull bites her back, the jaws unhinging.  She slams the old T. rex into a wall.  The wall collapses, and Rexy falls to the ground.  The I. rex walks in, but Rexy roars defiantly and kicks her away.  She gets back up and the I. rex cloaks.  She sniffs the air and could tell she's moving closer.  Rexy waits for the right moment, then...WHAM!!!  Her tail smashes down on the I. rex's skull, slamming it to the ground and cracking the jaws.  The pain causes the I. rex to reveal herself, screaming from the agony.  Rexy's tail has hit her so hard that her face is covered in blood.  Rexy grabs her and throws her through another wall with a loud CRASH!  They're back outside, and the I. rex headbutts Rexy, charging like a bull.  The horn-like ostoderns mounted in front of her eyes collide with Rexy's side, breaking one of her ribs.  Rexy is now the one screaming, with her side covered in blood.  They face each other in front of the lake and roar. 
 Suddenly, the Spino lunges out of the water, biting the I. rex.  She breaks free and bites his sail, causing extruciating pain.  However, as he screams to the pleasure of his sadistic enemy, Rexy bites the I. rex's right arm and, pulling with the full force of her bone-shattering jaws, she rips it off, causing the I. rex to scream in agony.  Rexy then bites her leg, giving the I. rex a bad limp.  Enraged, she bites Rexy's neck and leg, then slams her into a rock.  The force breaks some of her ribs.  The horrified Spino watches as Rexy falls to the ground.  She's unable to continue fighting, but, to her teammate's relief, she's still alive.  Exhausted, she watches the fight between her allie and the killer hybrid.  The Spino claws the I. rex's face, and she slams him down.  He's too weakened and tired to get up, allowing his foe to deliver the killing bite.  Rexy's heart sinks, as she watches her allie be defeated.  She can barely see the I. rex approaching.  Severely weakened by bloodloss, she tries to get up, but can't.  In the process, her waving tail hits a loose tree, which falls on the I. rex, knocking her to the ground with a loud CRASH!!  Her back is broken, and she can't get up.  Several branches pierce her thick hide, and blood is everywhere.  The I. rex cries out in pain, coughing up blood.  An angry Rexy limps over to her, growling.  She roars, then bites her throat, squeezing the life out of the I. rex.  Rexy crushes the I. rex's side with her left leg.  Using her other leg, she shatters her skull with a loud CRUNCH!!!  Rexy then disembowls the massive corpse of the Indominus rex to warn other predators to stay away.
 Rexy limps over to the Spino.  He is seemingly dead, until his green eyes open.  The 2 massive carnivores share the dead Para as a meal, satisfying their hunger.  They then look at each other before heading their separate ways.
 The Spinosaurus enters the lake and swims to the other side, getting out.  He leaves the battlefield, bloody and exhausted.
 Rexy watches him leave, then heads to a place to rest.  She's tired and injured, and she goes inside the Visitor Center.  The queen's eyes close as she slumbers peacefully.

Winners: Rexy and JP3 Spinosaurus

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Mar-09-2016 12:26 PM

JP3 Spinosaurus is already a Spinosaurus rex


Lord Vader

Mar-09-2016 2:06 PM

Nice fight. I was rooting for Rexy naturally. 


I see you tried to put in paragraphs, but notice that it still looks like a block. That's an easy fix though. Instead of hitting enter once, hit it twice.


I'll show you. 





See the gap size? I find it makes it easier to follow stuff.


Nice fight still, it is your best one yet. I'm noticing improvement, looking forward to more. 

Jack of all trades. Master of none

Vitas Thanos

Mar-09-2016 6:44 PM

@Lord Vader: Thanks! I was taking a break from the tournament fights, it'll be back tomorrow. I whipped this up in my free time. 

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Lord Vader

Mar-09-2016 6:57 PM

That's fine. A fight is fight wether it's planned out or whipped up in free time. This was a good one.

Jack of all trades. Master of none

Dynamosaurus Imperiosus/ Raptorexxx 700

Mar-09-2016 11:04 PM

That was a damn good fight! I love it :)


Mar-10-2016 6:44 AM


Vitas Thanos

Apr-16-2016 10:29 AM

Thank you all for the positive support/feedback!

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Apr-16-2016 2:36 PM

I love how you included a new hybrid, the Spinosaurus Rex! By the way, I will be posting a new discussion topic soon. It will be about my  own genetically modified hybrid, the Denachikasuchus Rex! Trust me, In my imagination, this hybrid is literally 10x the size of the Indominus Rex! You'll be really impressed when I finish posting it!

Vitas Thanos

Apr-16-2016 5:14 PM

@DenachikasuchusRex_4: Hello there!

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Mar-06-2018 1:14 PM

well im not sure about a "spinosaures rex" but if its a spino and a t-rex vs the I-rex, i rex wins every time, its much bigger, MUCH smarter, and has shown feats that beat the t-rex.

the t-rex had help from 3 raptors and it still was losing the fight. the only reason they won was because of the surprise attack by the mosasaurus. so i have no doubt that in a 1v1 I-rex stomps either of them, for kami's sake probably both of them at once, give them the 3 raptors well your at it, now we have a fair fight.

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