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Jan-14-2015 6:33 PM

Hello everybody here in the outer space of specified, I'm going to be hoping over to these forums for awhile to see if there's anyone who likes the xenomorph. But anyways to the introductions, my forum name is Dilophosaurus and I come from the jurassic world forums where I'm mostly referred to as Dill for short. So hello to these forums and I can only hope your interesting.


" It is better to be reviled than ignored, agleast then you know your spreading good in this world." 

2 Responses to Introductions


Jan-20-2015 3:52 PM

Sorry to burst your bubble but these forums are about as close to being dead as any. I check them every so often, but the traffic they get is low to none.


Feb-02-2015 9:23 AM

I barley post on these Scified forums but when I do post it's usually on the Jurassic World Forums but these ones are dead. 

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