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Topic H. G. WELLS




Posted Nov-07-2012 4:52 PM

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[center][b]H. G. WELLS[/b] [img][/img] [i]H. G. Wells in 1943[/i][/center] [b][u]Notable Works[/u][/b] The Time Machine The Invisible Man The Island Of Doctor Moreau The First Men In The Moon The shape of Things to Come Tono-Bungay The War Of The Worlds The works of [i]H. G. (Herbert George) Wells[/i] are well known to all sci fi fans, with many of his works being turned into [i]Hollywood[/i] movies, and referenced many times in popular culture. Of all of Wells' works, [b]The War Of The Worlds[/b] is probably his best known, having been printed numerous times, as well as having been adapted twice into a [i]Hollywood[/i] movie, numerous times into a TV serial, video games, comic books, theater plays and of course [i]Jeff Wayne's[/i] musical adaptation. [b]The War Of The Worlds[/b] was also adapted into what would become an infamous radio broadcast in 1938, which was narrated and directed by [i]Orson Welles[/i]. Aired in the style of news report broadcasts, it led to widespread outrage and panic with listeners believing the reported incidents to be real. [center][img][/img] [i]A still from Steven Spielbergs 2005 adaptation of The War Of The Worlds[/i][/center] [i]H. G. Wells[/i] (21st September 1866 - 13th August 1946), together with [i]Jules Verne[/i] and [i]Hugo Gernsback[/i] has been referred to as a "Father of Science Fiction", was a novelist, teacher, historian and journalist, with a great love for science, writing and commentating on society, as evidenced in many of his works. Feel free to discuss anything and everything related to [i]H. G. Wells[/i] and his works in this thread - your favorite story(s), adaptation(s), anything...





Posted Aug-25-2014 9:12 AM

HG Wells is the author that got me into Science Fiction. I remember reading a children's adaption of 'The Time Machine when I was in third grade as my introduction to him. Later on, I would get the full version of the novel, and I voraciously read it over and over. Later on, I proceeded to read his other works such as 'The Island of Dr. Moreau' and 'The Invisible Man' as well as 'War of the Worlds'. I love how he was able to take all of these different themes and mesh them together like he was. He sitll remains one of my favorite authors to this day.




Posted Mar-20-2017 4:11 PM

He is a pure GENIUS!

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