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Apr-15-2014 11:50 PM

What's your favorite Predator movie? This includes even Predators.

The first one to me is the best.

Youre fat, and I'm not sugarcoating it cause you'd probably eat that too.

9 Responses to Favorite Predator Movie

I got to the chopa!

Apr-20-2014 1:52 AM

I think the first one is the best by far! Although I liked the second AvP after the abomination that was the first AvP...


Jun-03-2014 12:27 PM

i love the first moive its graet and has good actoers, stories and efects


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Jun-06-2014 12:24 PM

Obviously, the first movie is the best. The second is very good, but not like the first. Anyway, I would like to see a sequel more like the second, in a city or even in a future city like the cities of Blade Runner or Robocop.


The last movie is the worst (not counting AVP movies, better we not talk about those... things), but it could have been the best. I miss the "River Ghost" (they should not have discarded that part), the character of Laurence Fishburne should be more relevant, and Adrian Brody didn't fit as the protagonist.


P.S. I love the "super-predators", but I like to refer to them as "heavy predators" (the "light predators" would also exist). I think they are more like a different ethnic group, not a different race.


Jun-23-2014 12:43 AM

I don't like Adrian Brody either, he's not cool enough to play as an AA-12 wielding, bad-ass mercenary. Plus his nose, just ugh...

Youre fat, and I'm not sugarcoating it cause you'd probably eat that too.

High FLYERS Tag Team

Jul-03-2014 11:20 AM



There are strong men and weak men. The strong ones are here to keep the weak ones up when ever they fail.


Jul-04-2014 7:28 AM

The original was by far the best.

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