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Posted Mar-26-2014 5:09 AM

Guys,remember when one of our member posted an article about those peope who watched the 20 mins screening at the SXSW?? I quoted something amazing ; 

"The skydiving sequence from the trailer was also shown in Hamburg, but with additional scenes and
edited differently. The additional footage contained something enormous, or to put it in Gareth
Edwards' words: "When you want to watch a movie with a kaiju like Godzilla, you don't just want
to see it fighting humans.""

Those who watch the screening were sworn not to reveal the big secret about the HALO jump scene,adn that what we saw on the trailer is not the way it is in the real footage..Some of you said there will be 2 Godzilla,second Godzila theory etc.. But what i think is:

What aaron taylor johnson se is not only Godzilla passing by a building,BUT GODZILLA IN THE MID-BATTLE WITH WINGED MUTO! notice the  "When you want to watch a movie with a kaiju like Godzilla, you don't just want to see it fighting humans"

I think this scene will be stunning and spectacular,tell me if you agree!


Dragonlord Tevin



Posted Mar-26-2014 5:53 AM

I believe there is gonna be like another monster down there, but I never believed the 2 Godzillas theory AT ALL -.- who the heck made up that silly theory




Posted Mar-26-2014 6:58 AM

this is the only plausible explanation




Posted Mar-26-2014 7:51 AM

Wow heavy stuff

Something Real



Posted Mar-26-2014 8:15 AM

Oh, I've no doubt we're in for a monster mash at the end of the Halo Jump sequence. There's bound to be many more thrills and chills beyond that, however! Get ready for a ride, boys and girls. ;)

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