Vangelis: Inside Nemo, 1982

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NoobMember4 XPFeb-06-2013 9:53 AM

Gilles Bodard: You have also done the soundtracks of "Blade Runner" & "Missing". Are you happy with them? Vangelis: I did what I wanted with them. For the rest, I will just wait & see.

VANGELIS Blade Runner film-score (arrow-scroll)
Vangelis scoring Blade Runner (4 pages)
Tour of Nemo Studios (4 pages)
Life Magazine Interview (Jul-82)
Sunday Telegraph Interview (Nov-82)


Inside Nemo 1982 (14 photos below): Nemo-Sound-1c.jpg Nemo-Sound-2c.jpg vangelis_nemostudios_co_uk_1.jpg vangelis_nemostudios_co_uk_2.jpg v1982.jpg nemo_br4.jpg Nemo-Sound-3c.jpg Nemo-Sound-10c.jpg Nemo-Sound-5c.jpg Nemo-Sound-6c.jpg Nemo-Sound-7c.jpg Nemo-Sound-8c.jpg Nemo-Sound-9c.jpg Nemo-Sound-4c.jpg

The Brass Sound: Vangelis' favorite, the Yamaha CS-80, to which he had been introduced at a trade fair in 1977. He was excited by the possibilities it offered, but arranged to have one on loan for a few weeks before deciding whether to spend the necessary £4850 ($8460 or an adjusted to $35500 in 2008 US Dollars). During this period, Vangelis recorded the "Spiral" album (released 1977), which featured the CS-80 on every track.

Shortly after his introduction to the instrument, he imported a CS-80 from Japan in order to bypass the six-month UK waiting list. And the synthesizer arrived in London after a mammoth train journey through Russia. With help from Yamaha-Kemble's Dusty Miller, Vangelis eventually went on to buy another seven CS-80s, some of which were for concerts, while others were just for spare-parts. Yamaha discontinued this synthesizer, by 1980.

The Iconic Sounds Of Synthesis: Vangelis' BR Brass Sound
Memorymoon ME-80 (CS-80 emulator software)

1981 Best Original Music Score: For his Academy Award-winning score, to the 1981 film "Chariots of Fire"; he refused to attend the ceremony (Apr-82).

Vangelis: I've never been to the US. Maybe it's a nice country, but I'm not sure I want to go. It's aggressive, young, & plastic.


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2KAdmin4317 XPFeb-06-2013 1:54 PMMy god Sawa, your post made my day! This stuff is awesome.


NoobMember4 XPFeb-07-2013 5:24 AM

You're welcome, Svanya. Also, I've found by temporarily lowering my screen resolution, that it's easier to read this Vangelis fan-site. + Several B&W memorabilia photos, & some orphaned from the site:

20100130152244-1b.jpg deskard_n_rachel.jpg rachel-2.jpg thetimeslondon.jpg r1.jpg ridley_at_work2.jpg sydmead.jpg scott_at_work.jpg roy0.jpg


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