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What predator do you think they should bring back in the predator movies yet to come?


Jan-19-2014 12:04 PM

who should they bring bacck?

9 Responses to What predator do you think they should bring back in the predator movies yet to come?

Sand Half_Breed

Feb-05-2014 9:27 PM

I personally think scar, because they never showed what happened to him in avpr AND, we don't know if yaujta technology can heal his wounds. I am not saying, however, that he wouldnt be left permanitly scarred I handicapped.

I don't think he would regain his full strength.. In other words.

Also in not scar then lex?

We need answers damint!


Feb-06-2014 5:13 PM

OMG thank you but guess what wait for it....... wait........ HE IS COMING BACK IN AVP3 REDEMTION And its gonna be all out hell

Sand Half_Breed

Feb-08-2014 7:21 PM

.... Your.... Not pulling my leg are you?.....

If you are, you can just stick you skull on my trophy wall...

If your not, then HOLY SHIT THATS AWESOME!

Sand Half_Breed

Feb-08-2014 7:23 PM

Also how does you find that out?


Mar-12-2014 7:08 PM

I found it on a movie site a while back its coming out next year


Mar-29-2014 2:23 PM

Scar, I want proof of this because, no offence, it's not true.  Sounds like wishful fan thinking.


Mar-29-2014 2:54 PM

AVP Redemption is a fan film, NOT a sequel!


Mar-29-2014 3:19 PM

And scar's not even in it lol.


Jun-06-2014 1:07 PM

In the movies the predators always die, only those predators of the ship in Predator 2 survived. Maybe one predator from video games or comics, but video games and comics usually are not canonical. I prefer a new predator.

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