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Godzilla's Feet


Posted Jan-04-2014 9:22 AM

I've noticed his feet for a long time now and I was just wondering if it bothered other people.


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You mean the ones from the concept models or from the leaked toy model with godzilla's separated body parts which some of us have assumed to be official?


well if they are like that in the movie ill be bothered but it wont stop me from enjoying the movie

theyre just feet like anyone notices

The feet don't bother me at all, quite like the design of them. If Godzilla himself is gonna have a bit more realism (ie: the 'gills') then an animal that big would need literally pillars for legs and big fat weight bearing feet to sustain that kind of immense mass. Realistically dinosaurian feet on something of Godzilla's size would cripple it!

Therapod dinosaurian I mean :s

Honestly, if they are that way..NO. Plus Im sure it'll look incredible anyway! The thing is, a crature for that size(As GORILLAWHALE) stated would NEED legs like those to walk. Thats why it was kinda weird to see the monster in Pacific Rim have T-Rex feet. 

it wont be that bad because you wont see the feet very much. i think you will see his upper body more ofthen.

gorrilawhale pillar legs are only evolved for 4 legged animals with a large width like sauropods and elephants to spread their lengh to all 4 legs , theopod type feet are designed for 2 legged animals as having sauropod legs would focus all their weight on the legs, having split toes spreads dinosaurs like t-rex's weight making it easier to walk and run.

all 2 legged animals have had either long feet or split/long toes, imagine if humans had lion or elephant feet, it would be hard as it also makes it hard to balance.

i agreee with godzillafan1995..But after all,we havent see the official fuill body of Godzilla himself..IT's only speculation that thrown out there that godzilla's feet will be like the encounter statue..

I think im ok with it. just feel the need that the toes need to be a little longer but none the less my hype for the film is not ruined what so ever.

the feet are great, they help to convey the sheer size and power of godzilla, as for the whole gill thing, i hope not, and i ddoubt thry are, it would severly limit the new godzilla compared to past ones and isnt realistic for a reptile anyways. i was thinking that they might  be overlapping scales of armor that provide durability while still allowing for flexability or if they really are gills that he does not need them after his mutation and they are just vestigial.

king of the monsters

It bothered me the first time i looked at that concept statue and later on the toy andthe thing is. It's not realistic having a 50 ton giant lizard walking around with this feet


But the 2014 one would be more realistic and no haters bhe like: Godzilla would break his feet if he... bla bla

It bothered me the first time i looked at that concept statue and later on the toy andthe thing is. It's not realistic having a 50 ton giant lizard walking around with this feet


But the 2014 one would be more realistic and no haters bhe like: Godzilla would break his feet if he... bla bla

Back in 1998, Tri-Star Pictures messed with Godzilla, and they destroyed him. I do not see how Toho would accept the new "Bronto-Godzilla" with this stupid new foot design! Why would Legendary Pictures screw with Godzilla's feet? Also, Godzilla's new "Roar" is being referred to as a "Classic" Roar? Really? It would seem that the people at Legendary/Warner Bros. are not True Godzilla fans.  Toho should be ashamed. With the Tri-Star Godzilla, Toho gave them a "Bible" to follow before making Godzilla. I do not think Legendary read the Godzilla Bible. And I can never forvgive them, for screwing with Godzilla's Roar!



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