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Dec-31-2013 8:59 PM

Do you think that thre will be another avp movie after the big fauiler of requiem(not in my opinion, i loved the movie but some people hated it)

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Jan-06-2014 1:47 PM

yes if you look at my first post on this website there will be another one coming out in 2015 and guess whos coming back..... wait for it..... wait.... wait....... SCAR id coming back and hes really pissed!!!!


Aug-13-2014 3:57 AM

Probably not the alien universe is focused on it's Prometheus story right now. I'd like them to eventually do an AVP in the alien timeline with the space marines, but unfortunately anyone that remembers AVPR will probably not be too eager to see the franchise butchered like that again.

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