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Who would win for real absolute truth: Alien Or The badass,super boss,awesome PREDATORS!!!!!


Dec-10-2013 6:40 PM

I think predators, ive been a predator since I was 8, really, since I was fucking 8! come on ppl the predators are wayyyyyyyyyyyyy more respected than the dumb stupid aliens PREDATORS FO LIFE

4 Responses to Who would win for real absolute truth: Alien Or The badass,super boss,awesome PREDATORS!!!!!


Dec-26-2013 9:28 PM

Dude, the Xenomorphs would win. Although the Predators are more advanced, they can't just mass-multiply their numbers. Have you seen AVP 2? That one, I repeat, ONE PredAlien (or Abomination) almost destroyed the Earth. All they would have to do is kill (or knock out) one Predator, and boom. They win. I have always been a "Go Predators Go!" Kinda guy, until I re-watched all the films. They were all great, but Aliens was, and still is (at least in my opinion) the greatest film ever created. Oh, and by the way, I have been a Alien and Predator fan since I was 6. (My aunt made me watch all the films, and I got AVP 1 for my 5th birthday. No joke)


Apr-07-2014 5:31 PM

The predators are more advanced therefore they don't need to mass produce their numbers to destroy a planet. They just blow everything up from orbit if they're so inclined. They have the tech to do that, no doubt. They don't because they like to hunt for sport or honor. Exterminating everything with the push of a button ain't no fun.


Mar-18-2015 9:48 PM

It's all done to weapons. A fully armed Pred is capable of taking out hundreds of Xeno's. But one on one, no weapons, bye bye Predator.


Mar-19-2015 4:20 AM

How skilled is the Predator, what kind of xeno, how many are there, where are they fighting? All of these need to have some type of base for us to come up with an answer. Some predators can wreck whole xeno hives and others get 1v1ed by drones. There are aliens that take multiple predators to fight. There are different weapons the Predator could have. 

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