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Nov-06-2013 11:32 AM

Why in Predator 2 does the Predator still see in heat vision whenever he removes his mask? Is there any reason for this?

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3 Responses to Why the heat?


Nov-27-2013 4:04 AM

You will find that all Predators in all the movies see in the infra-red end of the light spectrum when they remove their bio-mask's because this is how they naturally see. The bio-mask sharpens their natural vision while allowing them to see the environment using other point's in the light spectrum, as shown in Predator 2 and the 2 AVP movies.

Sci-Fi King25

Dec-01-2013 7:28 PM

But in P1 its vision was all red. Same with the Berserker Super Predator.

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Dec-02-2013 11:08 AM

Yes, their vision was red (and yellow) in the first Predator and Predators because they were in a hot jungle, hence the colors.

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