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Who Would Win Scar Or Mr.Black


Sep-22-2013 11:57 AM

Who would win personaly I think scar his single handly killed an alien queen and hes my fave too

7 Responses to Who Would Win Scar Or Mr.Black

Hunter's Moon

Oct-05-2013 8:02 PM

I think Mr. Black, even though I like Scar better, because Mr. Black already has experience fighting Predators.


Oct-10-2013 1:32 AM

Berserker has the experience but Scar has the badassery (is that a word?) but if they clashed it would be a close fight.

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Oct-10-2013 11:41 AM

Scar was meant to be only a young, trainee predator (hence the over-use of weaponry and complete lack of subtlety). So in a clear hand to hand fight, I think Mr.Black/Berserker would beat the crap out of Scar, the Super-Yautja's are meant to be physically superior anyway...apparently.


Oct-11-2013 8:10 PM

If Scar were to take on the Berserker in a physical fight with only melee weapons, he'd get destroyed. However, of not, then it comes down to weaponry.

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Oct-29-2013 2:27 PM

I think Mr.Black/Bersecker would win against Scar, althought it would be a close fight.

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Sci-Fi King25

Nov-29-2013 7:53 PM

Close fight, but my money's on Beserker.

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Jan-22-2014 5:44 PM

I bet on Mr.Black since (as everyone else said) he is a beserker.

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