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how could they make mothra badass in the new Godzilla 2014 universe


Posted Sep-15-2013 3:30 PM

With the new Godzilla movie closing in on us I'd love to know how mothra could be redesigned for the new Godzilla universe so that she would look bad ass and be taken seriously alongside the other monsters

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You cant. She needs to stay Mothra. There is no way you could change Mothra into something that would work in this kind of dark movie. SHE CANNOT BE CHANGED INTO MUTATION, the element of mysticism and magic must be preserved. She is one of the greatest monsters in the TOHO franchise, even better than the big G.

WRONG!!!!!!!!! The big G is better than Mothra not the other way around! Do you know who the big G is!? His the king of the monsters A.K.A THE GHOST OF CHRISTMAS KICK YOUR A$$!

I have become death.......the casher at the donut shop.......

GOJIRA 2014, relax man. Jezz, its opinion based. I were simply explaining why Mothra wouldnt work here. And yes, i consider Mothra as one of the best thought, most interesting and all around great kaiju. Yes, Godzilla is TOHO`s deifning kaiju character. I just find myself liking Mothra alot more. And, if i didnt know who Godzilla were then why would i even be here in the first place.

i don't think mothra should be a mutation that's not what I meant. I think she should have a design like maybe armored mothra or eternal mothra from her own toho movies. I don't think she doesn't belong, they just need something to make people take her seriously.

It doesnt matter what design they choose, because in the end, people wont take the idea of Mothra serious. But i wouldnt mind an awesome looking Mothra, as long as she is still Mothra

who the hell cares about mothra she is just a big stupid bug I cant stand mothra at all yeah ok she is colorful and has her priestesses and has a little power to her but the last I checked Godzilla is still better and here is the main facts mothra, rodan, varan, gamera, king ghidorah, even all of the other monsters would not exist if it weren't for the king of them all godzilla  check out my gallery of Godzilla artwork! Follow me on Twitter@thebigbadben90.

I think Mothra could work as a mutuation. If they kept her all mystical and stuff, I don't think anybody would really care. The larva could be still be brown but they should add some more color so it's more caterpiller-like, along with making her slimmer and maybe giving her some poison needles like some types of caterpillers have. The imago form could keep the same basic design for the wings but have everything else more realistic looking and moth-like so people could actually recognize her as a moth.

No. Mothra is NOT the monster you are looking for. Move along! Even as a child, watching Godzilla movies in the drive-ins, I despised that awful, giant, screaming moth and her stupid twin fairy godmothers. That Japanese mysticism stuff won't work for a North American audience. Sorry. Mothra was DUMB. I won't pay for a movie ticket to see Mothra, and the general audience will be confused by it's appearance. Like, "a giant, screaming moth? What the hell kind of monster is that?"

The Force is my ally...and a powerful ally, it is.

I just dont see Mothra in the Godzilla 2014 franchise, because the movies in this new series are going to be realistic, not TOO realistic but realistic enough to make it both awesome and understandable.

I have become death.......the casher at the donut shop.......

I just dont see Mothra in the Godzilla 2014 franchise, because the movies in this new series are going to be realistic, not TOO realistic but realistic enough to make it both awesome and understandable.

I have become death.......the casher at the donut shop.......

[b]BIGBADBEN[/b], i care... [b]DR. PROFESSOR KAIJU MAN[/b], if Mothra could work as mutation, then ZILLA could work as Godzilla. Yes, i said that.

they couldn't

I love how people think that Mothra is taken less seriously. It's a movie, people. Taking Godzilla seriously, a giant mutated dinosaur/force of nature, really? They should take the monster's message seriously, but the monster himself, no. Mothra has played on American big screens before and made money. Mothra is Godzilla's polar opposite. Connected with people, colorful and bright. Mothra could be a mutation, easily. If you make a movie for the fans alone and never change anything, everything is at risk of dying anyway. Anyone who watched Mothra and 'couldn't stand her' missed the point. Monsters are just as unique as people are. They are all different. It's not about redesigning the monsters, as evidenced in 1998, don't mess with the classic form. It's about redesigning your mind. Accept more for what stuff is. These are not your monsters, they don't belong to you. None of us can control how they look, so its best to just accept the beast for what it is, rather then complaining about what it is not.

They don't have to make Mothra badass because regardless of how she looks mothra ALWAYS wins. In every godzilla movie that mothra's been in her side has won. So if you put mothra in any of these movies it would make it so Godzilla has to be the villain and Mothra will win again. Personally I always dislike Mothra and would be extremely happy never to see her in another godzilla movie and hopefully legendary will not put her, mechaG, or ghidorah in any of the movies they make, if the series continues after this 1.



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