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Samurai predator vs Mr. Black


Sep-06-2013 4:52 PM

Who would win I personaly think Samurai because I saw his picture and damn was he awesome!! And also Mr. Black sucks

4 Responses to Samurai predator vs Mr. Black


Sep-07-2013 5:35 AM

By Mr. Black I take it you are referring to this guy... [center][img] Predator Publicity Shot.jpg[/img][/center] ...Whom is more correctly known as the Berserker Predator (with his two cohorts being known as Falcon and Tracker). Regards a fight between Berserker and a Samurai Predator, my money would be on the guy above - as shown in Predators this guy has little to no respect or honor and will kill his prey and claim the trophy no matter who he kills or how, thus this would make him less predictable than a presumably honor-bound Samurai Predator.


Sep-07-2013 1:29 PM

Yes but thus guy is cooler but samurai has more weapons and experience look his pic up


Oct-10-2013 11:46 AM

According to Neca figures made-up descriptions of the characters on the figure packaging, Berserker is apparently really damn tough, very seasoned and kicks ass cos he has no honour or respect. He gets the job done. (There was also some rubbish about him being one of the youngest pred's to kill a xeno (yeh okay, whatever)). Falconer (again according to Neca's imagination) is the Tech savvy pred of the trio, being more of a gadget/scout kinda dude. He's also meant to be a 'youngblood' as he is dubbed, along with Tracker/Beastmaster. An my bets are on Mr. Black, I mean look at him, he's just mean.


Oct-11-2013 8:06 PM

Hm...... Berserker seems to have an edge. I don't know though.

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