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Wolf vs. Dutch and his Team

Hunter's Moon

Sep-03-2013 8:04 PM

Wolf from AVPR encounters Dutch and his fully equiped team in a heavily wooded jungle area, similar to the setting of Predator. Dutch's team doesn't include Dylan, who was only along for that mission.

4 Responses to Wolf vs. Dutch and his Team


Sep-04-2013 4:15 PM

Dutch would still win and wolf would be death at Dutch's hand regardless the outcome will still be the same

Hunter's Moon

Sep-04-2013 4:27 PM

I think that Wolf is at a significantly higher skill level than Jungle Hunter, and also there are several points when Dutch could've died, but was only saved by the mercy of Jungle Hunter.


Jan-22-2014 6:24 PM

Im going for wolf do to it being higher in skill, and the Jungle hunter had a chance to kill Dutch many times. For example, he uses his wrist blades to trap his head, he could have ended it right then and there. But his honor got in the way and that might happen again so it might be quite a close fight.

Sand Half_Breed

Feb-06-2014 2:34 AM

Wolf, hands down.

Why? Because wolf wouldn't take of his gear, and he could just decapitate dutch with one swift movement

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