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Chet Predalien from AvP:R vs. 'Tracker' Predator from Predators


Aug-24-2013 1:48 PM

If these two "super" Aliens came face to face, who do you think would come out on top? Personally my money would be on 'Chet' but if 'Tracker' had his "Predator Dogs" with him, it might be a different story. What do you think? Who do you think would win, and why?

4 Responses to Chet Predalien from AvP:R vs. 'Tracker' Predator from Predators


Aug-24-2013 2:19 PM

The AVPR Predalien was so ridiculously overpowered that it would probably win. It would be a cool fight though. And yeah, the dogs would make it interesting.


Aug-24-2013 2:48 PM

I have no doubt the AVPR Predalien would win .hmm with the dog and tracker it would be one hell of a match n fight. my money would be on the Predalien at a very heavy cost to it life!


Aug-24-2013 3:18 PM

Yeah...I'd say that the predalien would win. I think it would be pretty close, but I feel like the predalien would be able to defeat several predators before being defeated actually

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Hunter's Moon

Sep-03-2013 7:32 PM

Personally, I think that Chet would curbstomp Tracker. Chet went up against Wolf (a superior Predator in my opinion), and probably would've survived before the government intervened (the queen in avp took a spear to the head). By that logic, I believe Chet would win, even with the dogs.

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