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Philip K. Dick robot & friends


Posted Nov-23-2012 4:11 AM

I saw this awhile back.It just occured to me to post it.Its a robot created to look like Philip K. Dick.Someone is interviewing it. Also included is a very realistic female robot video that made me realize robotics is getting more anxious to create human behaviors. They even created another robot which behaves like an infant(even though its the size of a 12 year old)and learns the same way as a child would. If that isn't enough,they're developing a small robot on wheels...its mainframe is run by a...Rats brain....from a remote location...its wireless :o Nexus 6's are just around the corner ;) Here's the Philip K.Dick robot interview: [url=]Philip K. Dick robot interview video[/url] Here's a video of the most realistic human behavior far: [url=]Realistic behaving robot video[/url] And it just wouldn't be right not to post this one: [url=]Rat brain robot video...OOOOEEEEEEAAAAAOOOO!![/url]


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Awesome stuff!! He really was an interesting man. That robot has hit the uncanny valley... OMG. Some P.K Dick Documentaries and interviews. 1-[url=]PHILIP K. DICK DOCUMENTARY[/url] 2-[url=]Rare 1979 Philip K. Dick interview[/url]

Wow.... That robot is freaky... Big fan of Phillip K Dick. Have read over 20 of his novels. Thanks for the thread djrees56, you always post great stuff.

Amazing! I'm sure Philip K would have loved this. ;-)

Its kinda spooky too.Even the robots creator looks a bit amazed at Philip the robots responses :)


Nice, thank you!, Djrees56, P. K. Dick is a little scary, thinking that is passed away long time ago.

That is so cool!! Im like you Albert I have nearly all Phillip K Dicks Novels I love his writing!!!! I would love to know some more about the programming of that robot It seemed to refer to it accessing info from the web??

\"My God, its full of stars\" David Bowman

this thread has just made me think about this news article i read this morning [url=][/url this project was started up because we have now reached a turning point in robotics were we have the potential to create artifical life forms smarter then us in the near future.

Katiel, very interesting article! I've always believed that at the end the machine will be disclosed against his creator, humanity, the legacy of R Scott will serve as a clear warning to future generations.

there's a theory that as we become more intellegent we also become less violent wouldnt this also apply to artifical inteligence?. do we allow our 1950's style fear of robotics to take hold or do we take a leaf out of Assimov's book (no pun intended) and work along side AI. as long as we do not create robotic soilders that are efficant at killing everything we should be fine. an android would most likely develope like a human child would, if we treat them well and teach them well then they wont harm us but if we abuse them they will rebel against us. i think the most frightening aspect of this subject is the fact that we do not know how intellegent AI is going to evolve or how fast they will Evolve and where did the idea of creating an artifical version of ourselves come from in the first place.



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HICKS you know I only use Spanglish !!! L O L!!

Nov-29-2015 5:05 PM


HICKS @Chris! thanks friend (I did not understand the definition of "spotlight", now doubt has been cleared, very good feature!) !!!

Nov-29-2015 5:04 PM


Chris Picard @HICKS, yeah, I added a member spotlight feature to the forums to highlight those avid posters out there! Forum awards also on the way...

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