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Kaiju species


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Posted Jun-10-2013 12:33 PM

Just a thought, but couldn't each kaiju be part of it's own species? Knifehead is a species as is Otachi, Leatherback, Scunner, etc? Each one in the movie is just one of many that live in their world. Godzilla is said to be a species called Godzillasaurus before he was mutated. T-rex type dinosaurs that were 12 meters tall. Godzilla belonged to that dinosaur species. It's possible the PR kaiju are the same. We only see one example of each different species of kaiju in the film.

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I'm running on the theory that each kaiju is unique and specially built for a single purpose, the destruction of humans and their works. Its supported by what we know so far: Kaiju make beelines for human cities to rampage, if killed a Kaiju melts into a toxic substance called Kaiju Blue that can wipe out a city, and the fact that we only see singular examples of each Kaiju (so far as we can tell from trailers).


166 Posts
Posted Jun-10-2013 6:14 PM

It's also said we see what it's like on the other side. So could it be possible these kaiju are engineered by whoever is sending them? Similar to how we send robots to other planets.

They might be. I don't think this film dwells too much on the question of whats behind the kaiju though since its about the human resistance. I think the 2nd movie will provide a lot more answers.


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Posted Jun-11-2013 9:14 PM

Otachi is like a pteradactly like kaiju

Kaiju Blue

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Posted Jun-13-2013 10:44 AM

The real question still remains if you are sending Kaiju, How are you recording the results/performance. How and who is monitoring? Personally I agree with Great Cthulhu the kaiju are designed for a specific purpose pehaps even a location in mind.



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lopsquid Yeah I miss when it was like that.

Oct-07-2015 8:13 AM


Ultra Predator it so quite here now i we are goign to have to wait a year or two till the next jurassic world trailer comes out

Oct-07-2015 6:26 AM


Raptor-401 Same here, I miss the time when it was normal to see 4-8 topics a day...

Oct-06-2015 6:29 PM


Lord Vader *sighs* good times, good times

Oct-06-2015 5:40 PM


Lord Vader Who else remembers when the SB was packed with page after page of random stuff from the JW members?

Oct-06-2015 5:39 PM


Ultra Predator who else is bored right now

Oct-05-2015 11:11 AM


Sci-Fi King25 I checked a few minutes later, and the Godzilla Wiki was back up. Hm. (Also, does anyone else watch MonsterIslandBuddies? :3)

Oct-05-2015 9:57 AM

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