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Alien, Prometheus...and SPECIES

Promethian Man

85 Posts
Posted Jun-10-2012 2:17 PM

Just as a fan-fic idea, could we believe that the movie SPECIES' Sil character's alien race exists in the same universe as Prometheus and Alien? Maybe she is related to the 'proto-xenomorph'??

5 Replies

If your writing the fanfic then I guess, it's your decision... Personally I don't see the connection but, it would be a fanfic for a reason? Meaning you get to make the overall decisions. Who knows maybe that will be the big news on 10.11.12. lol

I only drew a connection due to Giger's designs being used as a basis for both works... Unfortunately the Species franchise petered out into a bunch of Z-movie sequels...I suspect with the ( hopeful ) success of Prometheus, someone on Hollywood will sanction a reboot of that franchise before too long...


9 Posts
Posted Jun-10-2012 2:38 PM

I was thinking that also maybe Sil can trace her lineage back to the black goo as well. perhaps the engineers sent the message 2 earth which led to Sil being created.

Philburke - you're onto something!! I can't recall - I wonder if Species was a Fox property too like Alien/Prometheus?

Tommy 8

8 Posts
Posted Jun-13-2012 7:45 PM

OK Guys. It seems to me that this black goo was a direct rip off of the film Species II. Also, the birth scene with Shaw was ripped off from that movie. In Species II astronauts bring back rocks from a mission (Mars?) that contain black goo. One of the astronauts is infected with the goo and he becomes one of the species. He gets intimate with his wife and within minutes she gives bloody birth to this horrible alien thing. Damn poor rip off!



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Raptor-401 Writing it now... Maybe I'll post it tonight!

Oct-13-2015 7:33 PM


Raptor-401 Also considering on (attempting) to write a "scary" Jurassic World story...

Oct-13-2015 7:29 PM


Raptor-401 Sounds cool Sci-Fi King, I would try downloading that but video games sometimes can distract me... lol

Oct-13-2015 7:29 PM


Ultra Predator sup people of scified

Oct-13-2015 12:53 PM


Sci-Fi King25 *Forgotten mods. They add the cut dinosaurs from the game, enhance the graphics, and add dinosaur behavior.

Oct-12-2015 5:53 PM


Sci-Fi King25 Installed Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis on my Windows 8 compter. I was able to get the high-quality buildings and install the DJE, PMEP, and Forgot

Oct-12-2015 5:53 PM


GorillaGodzilla I attempted to fix it multiple times but it just won't work, maybe it's an issue with the coding.

Oct-12-2015 7:00 AM

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