Mega Battles : Carnotaurus vs Majungasaurus

Mega Battles : Carnotaurus vs Majungasaurus 2014-01-24 14:09:45

One day a male adult Majungasaurus was going in to new territory driven by hunger since this Majungsaurus was going in to new territory he was cautious he stops he sense's something is near he looks around and spots a young Edmontosaurus that got seperated from its herd the majungasaurus see's his chance charging at the young Edmontosaurus the young Edmontosaurus tries running but its too late anyway the majungasaurus has it in its mouth crushing the baby's ribs woth its powerful jaw strength it drops the dead baby and starts eating unawarethat is beeing watched by a by a 30 foot long male Carnotaurus the adult carnotaurus is mad that easy meal was in his territory and is pissed the carnotaurus quietly approaches the majungasaurus trying not to alert it if the carnotaurus can sneak up on the majungasaurus its a easy kill unluckly the carnotaurus steps on a fallen branch  alerting the majungasaurus they both roar at eaach other trying to intimedate the other the carnotaurus makes the first move charging at full speed to headbutt it in the head the majungasaurus side-steps the attack then hitting it with its strong tail in the head with so much force that he knocks over the carnotaurus then going for the neck the battle seems over for carnotaurus but while its flailing it sweeps the majungasaurus's feet knocking it over then the carnotaurus gets uo and bites the feemers in the majungasaurus's legs breaking them then imobilizing it the majungasaurus cant get up the carnotaurus then goes for the neck putting one foot on the majungasaurus's head then tearing the throat the carnotaurus wins and has enugh for for weeks.


Posted by SPINOSAURUS TRUE KING on 2014-01-24 14:09:45


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nice. maybe post this under ' dinosaur discussions'? we would all like to read it :)

It's good for your first. splitting it into paragraphs would help read it better. For reference, you can read my fights, RexFan684, Deltadromeus, or Mr.Happys fights. Welcome to the forum!


thank you this is my first and my friend wanted carnotaurus to winand yes will post under dinosaur discussions and thanks for the tip

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