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First look at an animatronic Velociraptor from Jurassic World?

First look at an animatronic Velociraptor from Jurassic World?

A photo of a supposed first look the Jurassic World Velociraptors has leaked online today via Instagram. The user, whose identity remains a secret posted the following image with the following caption:

This is an actual Velociraptor for the upcoming film Jurassic World! #jurassicworld #dinosaur #universalstudios #StevenSpielberg #Velociraptor #HYPE

It should be noted that there is no way to confirm the legitimacy of this photo at this time, and for that reason we urge readers to take the above image with a grain of salt. However, if the photo above is genuine, then we now know what the Raptors (or at least the female raptors) will look like in Jurassic World. It's unknown whether or not the male and female dinosaurs will have different appearances like they did in Jurassic Park 3, but we know they won't be sporting any feathers.

Legacy Effects are currently responsible for the animatronic Dinosaurs in Jurassic World and are based in California, where the photo above was supposedly taken. But until we know for sure whether or not this is an authentic photo of a Jurassic World raptor, we must remain skeptical.

Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Thanks to JW.org for the heads up.

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Posted by Chris Picard on 2014-07-07 12:19:05


noah eckeckenrode ›

x_paden_x ›



Well... Sadly it's legit.




Colin really screwed up here... Its littereally Identical to the Females from the First movie, Just more colour... 


The Thing with genetics, Is that It's never the same. You could take DNA from one dinosaur, And clone it, They will in no way, Be Identical, Except for their Genetic code. 


I'm starting to feel this movie kinda...


going down the drain...

JPCerato ›

I always thought I was different when It came to designs, I don't know why, but I always seem to like designs that others don't...well thats me...I like this...looks cool...to me it actually looks like the females from the 3rd film but with some green added...can't wait for the new movie...

JPCerato ›

I always thought I was different when It came to designs, I don't know why, but I always seem to like designs that others don't...well thats me...I like this...looks cool...to me it actually looks like the females from the 3rd film but with some green added...can't wait for the new movie...

Jhawkins1987 ›

Why is that a bad thing. Sure yh i loved the male raptors from jp3 they looked awesome. But it still looks the bollocks ! 

Perfect camo and evil lol

i think the film is in good hands. Bybthe sound of it collin is basically creating a film about what we used to actually do with our toys . In a park . With ppl gettin terrorised lol cant wait. 

Shinji78 ›

So whats wrong with this design? Do you want a feathered and coloured raptor to look like a brazilian samba dancer?

I think is good if they look like in the first movie in terms of coherency. 

They should be smaller though. Raptors weren't bigger than a turkey. That's a mistake we've seen across all 3 movies and I guess we'll see it again

Great Leonopteryx ›

this one actually looks more like JP1 raptor since the bump in front of the eyes is not that noticeable

János Magyar ›

That's a raptor from JP1-because in the 3. movie the raptors have a circle pupill (black of the eye) on their eyes.

Fayh ›

Still sad they won't have feathered raptors in the new movie, but what's bad about this model? It looks great to me.

kachynus ›

Well,I would not know if this raptor belongs to the new movie,it deffo looks like the first rap in JP1 and 2,maybe it's just the females that are so,and the males look different??Bha,anyway,I hope they will at least show other new different raptors and some feathered ones,but I kind of doubt it after this hypothetical pic and what Colin said at the beginning that there won't be any feathered dino....

I want to see change!

Christian Estevez ›

I really don't see whats wrong with this raptor,I love how it looks!And to all you people that don't like it,you should really wait for a view of the entire raptor before judging it.And to be honest,when looking at it closer,it looks like it may be a green raptor maby,with some black on it.

Darklarik ›

No feathers.... 



Peter Zanetti ›

It's a Velcoiraptor. In the Jurassic Park Series.


WTF is it supposed to look like? Some of you need a common sense adjustment.

GatesPlace ›

I can't believe everyone is so upset about this. This is my favorite raptor yet. They have the vertical pupils, the creepy yellow eye, and they're perfectly camoflaged. I read the books -- numerous times. This raptor is the most like the one in Jurassic Park (the novel) than any others have been so far. Perfect! And it's also the scariest raptor yet, IMO.

I've been a fan of the original story for a long time. The way I see it, everyone who likes the pretty, colorful, comically intelligent raptors in JPIII: You've had your day. You have the JPIII raptors whenever you want to see them. But fans of the novel and original film have yet to see a quality raptor since the contemporary special effects of 1993.

I'm ready to see the novel raptors come to life, and I think it's about time Crichton's raptors got their due.



Christian Estevez ›

I agree with you GatesPlace,I love the look of this new raptor!And it also kind of seems like it may have stripes,that may just be,but I do actually hope they have stripes.Like this picture.


Note:I didn't draw this,it was drawn by Hellraptor/Richard Andersson.

Callum ›

I know this picture isnt much to go on... but I cant quite place why this doesnt agree with me... Passing no judgment now, I will wait and see in the future! 

Great Leonopteryx ›

@christian estevez : now that's a cool raptor drawing :)

shaynethomas09 ›

What bothers me about this, is that it seems to be wearing a muzzle. I hope they wont be muzzling all the carnivores in this movie. There was a rumor going around about a muzzled T-rex a few months ago. I seriously hope that's not the case. That said I like the design, I think it'll look amazing in motion, and I am happy they arn't changing things up too much.

shaynethomas09 ›

Unless that metal pice is just meant to prop it up. I'm so tired I didn't really check.

modernmunitions ›

#1 Examine the background of the picture.  You can see by the construction of the building, this picture was taken inside a metal building.  If you google map Legacy Effects address and look at the street view you will notice all the buildings in that industrial park are block.  This poses the possibility this photo could be old.

#2 The device holding the velociraptor is definitely not a muzzle or meant to be used in the film, as it is unfinished, has writing on it, and doesnt actually restrain the head.  It is obviously just supporting the prop. 


indiana jones ›

it looks like a combo of the jp1 raptor with the jp3 female raptor.

but I do follow the theory that jp3 male raptors are just what male raptors link like , and the female raptor in jp3 (witch looked practicaly identical to the jp1 raptors) those are just what... well jp1 raptors are the femails  and jp3 raptors are the femails

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