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Exclusive: Jurassic World Plot Details & Info on the New Dinosaur! [Spoilers] (Updated)

Exclusive: Jurassic World Plot Details & Info on the New Dinosaur! [Spoilers] (Updated)

Jurassic World is still over a year away, but with filming currently under way in Hawaii, certain plot details have started to leak online, due to locals witnessing, overhearing or even being a part of production. With a movie of this scale, holding back juicy details is extremely difficult for some. Thankfully, we like juicy details here at Scified.

Thanks to an anonymous source, we've been exclusively leaked information on a few of Jurassic World's plot details as well as the official name of the terrifying new Dinosaur which we'll see in the film next summer!

Before continuing on, please note that this contains SPOILERS and the information has been verified as accurate. NOT RUMOR.

With that disclaimer out of the way, let's get started....

First off, I can confirm that the plot details leaked to JoBlo yesterday are 100% accurate, NOT RUMOR. The information about a genetically spliced super predator are accurate! 

What JoBlo did not mention however, is the name of this super predator, which we now know, thanks to our source. The name of this new super predator is officially known as Diabolus Rex or "D-Rex" for short. The creature is a spliced breed of Tyrannosaur with bits of Raptor and Cuttle Fish, allowing it to camouflage itself with its surroundings. It's a badass and is the primary reason why things at this new park run amock.

UPDATE: Building off of this report, our friends at JW.org also managed to snag a photo of the D-Rex's paddock, from afar:

Which looks to be the exterior of the set which we posted photos of 4 days ago, which revealed an enclosure built for a predator (now known as the "D-Rex") with claw marks and scratchs lining the walls:

You can view more set photos of the paddock interior here!

Thanks to JW.org we also got a pic of a note found on the set's exterior, mentioning the protocol to be observed when entering the D-Rex's paddock:

Unfortunately we can't share any more details at this time, but if you check back soon, we have quite a slew of additional plot details on the way as production continues! Be sure not to miss any of it and keep your browsers locked on Scified as well as JurassicWorld-Movie.com. Also, be sure to subscribe to our Jurassic World Facebook Page and Twitter for constant updates!

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Posted by Chris Picard on 2014-05-21 14:25:05


Rex Fan 684 ›

I'm nervous about this. Hope they can pull it off. It's a decent concept, but one that must be executed perfectly.

JakodaRay ›

Just please...PLEASE don't have friendly trained dinosaurs. PLEASE! I BEG YOU!

Rex Fan 684 ›

I'm actually not fully against trained dinosaurs, as long as they aren't a bunch of circus monkeys.

x_paden_x ›



I was hoping this wasn't the case... 


I Highly Doubt Colin can pull this off... But Of course, Very few directors can... What he's trying to do... Is just too impossible...


Heres how genetics works, And why its flawed with "D-Rex" You never know, what your getting... Its more of a sort a," Lets see what happens" game... You'd have to go through littlerallay, Billions, UPON BILLIONS, Of bloody trials, just to get one, with the right characteristics, close to what you want.


Genetics isn't an exact Science...


Even then, We still know so little about it... To preform such a task. 



Good try colin... Don't burn this franchise though... 

ozwally ›

I could see the spliced dino working as it would be the next evolutionary step in Genetics, it would in effect be playing god on the next level of what hammond did at the original park. I mean if you have the money and knowledge, why would you not be tempted to push boudaries? I can see the board meeting now where they discuss this 'creation' as the next step. Without this new dino, I could see the movie as being a rehash of whats come before. The trained dinosaurs however I'm really not keen on at all. It would be better if they aren't trained but see this abomination as a threat and effectively want to kill it, or have an instinctive urge to kill it because of what it is. I would find it weird seeing a human point at it, say 'kill' and watch his pet rex run at it to attack - but if they are trained, I dont think it would be trained in the same sense we are thinking. Still early days though, and am still looking forward to the movie

x_paden_x ›

Sure, Lets say, Splicing them with say, a Pony, would make them more friendly... It still takes a lot of effort to do such a task. 


Domesticating them... Hell, that takes a lot more, I'm not fond of it either... I really don;t like the idea... I just hope Colin Doesn't burn the franchise with these Risky moves... 

siqueira junior ›

if the rumors are true they ended up with aki franchise, it is best to universal and Legendary spend their money in other movies, I love jurassic park and would not like to see my favorite movie turning this crap!!! And no trained and modified dinosaurs are so many good stories in the book and did not need to reach this end.

Sci-Fi King25 ›

Well, I'm not against the idea. It really looks cool, and dangerous.

Eustreptospondylus ›

wow... just wow. I thought Trevvorow was making some bad ideas but THIS!? I hope this really isn't true, I'm holding SOME hope that either a) this turns out to not be true, or b) by some miracle Colin manages to make this awful idea work, I mean trained dinos? a mutant rex? I don't understand why they just didn't use a Carnotaurus if they wanted an animal that could camoflauge itself..... it would satisfy fans and make a lot more sense.

Travlis ›

The Carnotaurus was in Michael Crichton's "The Lost World" and was quite a terrifying presence.  I do see the point that you are making Eustreptospondylus...but I still have hope that Colin will pull-off a worthy film.  

x_paden_x ›

Carnotaurus would fit into the Book cannon, and the fans would enjoy the tease of the Novel...



However... I doubt they'd change it. We're still early in production so we could change it... But Colin wants this to fit so that None JP Fans (Fair amount of normal Citizens, Who prefer to watch the film then read, because First world countries.) This Mutation Catastrophe, Would make sense to them, becuase the book cannon, does not exist. 



You made some excellent points, Never would've thought of that. 

dino345 ›

As long as the trained dinosaurs are not true, I am fine with ths.

Jezza ›

I don't know about this, I don't want another bogus JP 3 movie. I saw this in thread, but hoped it wasn't true. CUTTLEFISH?!

ozwally ›

When I see D-Rex I cant help but think Tenacious-D-Rex V-Rex was ok in king kong, shame that name will probably be their IP though as it would have suited this better (being a raptor-rex hybrid)

Zigo Sid ›

The "genetically modified creature" does not bother me if the new animals acts like real animals, it was already the case in the others JP (Mini spitting Dilo, T-rex that can't see anything if it don't move, etc)

I don't know what to think about the training thing ...

If done correctly, dinosaurs will be harmless (hope it wont be 100% harmless) only for their trainers but still attack civilians and responds only to some basic orders.

And if it is done incorrectly we'll have a shitty movie with dinosaurs who sacrifice their lives for all humanity and can understand orders like "ok Rexxy, cover me and don't let anyone attack me lolololololoololol"

(If my english grammar sounds a little retarded it's because i'm french, sorry :D)

Something Real ›

Oh dear. I'm more than a little shocked by this. I can't say that this ruins the film for me, but it does heighten my skepticism for the plot's validity. With luck, the writers have produced a story to encompass the D-Rex and make it an acceptable notion. Otherwise, I fear Jurassic World will have a difficult time being taken seriously. Regardless, here's hoping for an interesting plot! The D-Rex does look rather neat... :)

Shinji78 ›

lol if the D-Rex combines the killing capabilities of a T-Rex and a Raptor... why does it needs a camouflage?

this is wtf 

surprized ›

Now I think Colin Trevorrow's talent will decide if this film is gonna be a hit or not. You can't ignore the fact that the JP franchise has a lot of fans. If he can manage to keep the JP feeling besides these modern and unpredicted big changes, and can make the original JP fans happy, he will get a lot of applause. If not, he will get some shitstorm I fear... But let's give him a chance, who knows? This could still be better than every JP sequel before.

indiana jones ›

why please why

Dr. Malcolm ›

Really people? Are you really satisfied with this crap? This is not jurassic park. This is something else. 

Do you remember te king kong movie in 2005? There were some dinos there too. T rex was fighting king kong. Well jurassic world sounds quite the same to me.

I can't undersand why those involved in the movie do everything to make sure that the movie will be the exact oppossite the fans want...

ozwally ›

The D-Rex is making even more sense to me now. Remember last year when Jack Horner said about the JP4 villain "I can't actually tell you who that will be... But you'll want to keep the lights on after you see this movie" - I might be reading too much into this but it turns out Cuttlefish are nocturnal, so perhaps D-Rex is nocturnal hence Horner saying "keep the lights on". It looks like this spliced Dino has been in the works for a while now.

ozwally ›

Also perhaps Cuttlefish DNA is the new frog DNA. Maybe they are using that throughout the park now as it gives more accurate representations of the Dino's, this could justify why raptors may appear with feathers etc. They could justify this by saying InGen experimented with this previously, thats why we see Raptors in JP3 with a few feathers yet JP1 and TLW they had no feathers (and the ones in TLW were a different pack).

Airman Allo ›

I just kinda wish they would stay true to the original idea of having a park with New Dinosaurs but hey guess crowds get bored now a days.

GhostRodan100000 ›

Is that image official? My freaky theory about hybrid dinosaurs was right?

Gojira2K ›

Why call it Diablous Rex? They could have up with something better than that. If they wanted a dinosaur that changes color, use Carnotaurus. I'm not saying a genetically engineered dinosaur wouldn't be cool. Take a look at the Chaos Effect dinosaurs. They are really cool. 

I'm also not a fan of the trained dinosaurs. Really? That's kind of sad. I'd had them ride them like a bullrider would. That would be cool.

Game Over Man ›

Game Over Man ›


Peter Zanetti ›

Sorry to disappoint the illusioned young folk that expect a rehash of the same story told in 1993.

Logic dictates that you already knew all of this was happening.

The PLOT of the movie is that Jurassic World is a fully functioning theme park...exactly what Jurassic Park never became. Let me reiterate: THEME PARK. also known as, AMUSEMENT PARK. Those of you with any designs that any real attraction called Jurassic World that exists post JP will NOT be some kind of extremely expensive biological preserve that pretends to have nature safely secured...

...No, it will be a corporate nightmare like SeaWorld, with disgustingly small enclosures, dinosaurs performing tricks, and Henry Wu getting a genetics request list to creat whatever management asks for as the next big craze.

Any other story line would NOT be believable in the context of a post JP reality, as humanity was destined to abuse this technology to its fullest. Understand that, and you'll understand why this movie cannot just be a love affair with classic scripting.


krail ›

I suppose Jurassic World will be a sort of reverse of Jurassic Park. In the 1993 film, Hammond focused more on genetics at the cost of security and technology- hence the Nedry fiasco. In the 2015 film, perhaps Patel would be so intent on preventing a disaster of a similar sort that he must have the most sophisticated system available but must not have worried too  much about what his researchers were upto (D'onofrio's character) and we have the monster D.rex. However, what one must remember is that the upcoming film serves as a sort of explicit reminder that these genetically engineered creatures were never true dinosaurs in the first place. This has been discussed by Dr. Grant and also on several other forums. You have the slightly enlarged or conversely dimnished size in some species, the sounds they make and the T.rex vision problem. After all frog DNA  was used even though we all of us loved to be under the illusion that they were our favourite dinosaurs- just like Hammond was under the illusion that he had control over the place. But, taking off from one of the last lines in Jurassic Park 3, we must realize, it's a whole new world for them, and the upcoming movie's title couldn't be a better transition. I just hope Trevorrow pulls it off with grandeur, albeit of a different sort, and it is not reduced to a battle between monsters. I admit I was shocked at the leaked plot and hope its false, but even if it isn't it still just might retain the wonder of the Jurassic Park universe. 

Great Leonopteryx ›

I'll just wait for the film, I guess

and hoping that this petting zoo and diablo rex thingy was just a diversion so no one can guess the real plot

Peter Zanetti ›

Can you of you whiners explain to me what you thought the film was going to be? Better yet, and easier for you, can any of you offer decent rebuttable to these points:

1. None of the dinosaurs are 100% accurate recreations. They never, ever have been. Take the JP novel canon for reference and understand that the so called "dinosaurs" just had to be convincing, not real. Because they couldn't be real. Every species of dinosaur has been spliced with amphibian, reptilian, avaian, even mammilian DNA where it was suitable. Not just "frogs".

2. It is inevitable that a corporate owned Dinosaur-clone amusement park would eventually attempt to cross breed (at the genetic level) and create new animals. This is the definition of playing god, and the dark side of genetic technology. It was bound to happen, and hopefully, bound to be what destroys the otherwise successful Jurassic World theme park.

3. Humanity has always tried to tame wild beats. Some more successfully than others. The DRAW of animal attractions, "shows" if you will, would be impossible to resist when it comes to the dinosaurs. Undoubtedly, they would TRY. How successful they would be is anyones guess. I'm sure we'll different types of dinosaur shows:

-Mosasaur feeding show makes sense. The Mosasaur doesn't need to "learn tricks" anymore than a Crocodile learns to respond to food at many zoo "shows" around the world.

-Some of the less dangerous herbivore species will likely be easy to parade around the amphitheatre..interaction probably minimal..but these animals are no doubt intelligent enough to learn conditioned responses that aid in creating a spectacle out of their natural behavior.

-The carnivores would be the real draw and the real challange, and NO DOUBT the JW executives want to see progress made with taming these beasts. Certain predators, like Lions and Tigers, have been trained extensively by humans for a long time. This training only goes so far, and any lion or tiger trainer will tell you they are never truly tamed...they just decide the work is worth the pay off (food) in the end....and capitulate with NOT murdering their handlers...usually.

The same will likely be the case with the Tyrannosaurs, and Velociraptors. They won't be "tame" by any means, but they may be "trained". Trained to the point where they don't automatically try to kill their handler (Chris Pratt), because of the some conditioned behavior. I highly doubt level of "tameness" will extend to Chris Pratt walking freely along side the Carnivores, but rather, from a safe location, respond to certain commands.

Game Over Man ›


Steve Rewind ›

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/6h0MqrmWV2E" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>



Steve Rewind ›

Game Over Man ›

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