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New Godzilla 2014 Toy Images Reveal First Look at MUTO Monster!

New Godzilla 2014 Toy Images Reveal First Look at MUTO Monster!

A new image of another Godzilla (2014) toy has revealed the first actual look at one of the MUTO Monsters! The pack is called the "Destruction Pack" and features a figure of the new Godzilla as well as one of the MUTO Monsters. This one in particular looks very strange, with black / red skin color. You can view the images below, thanks to Junkerde in the Godzilla 2014 Forums:

** Images removed at request of Bandai **

Expect some clearer shots of the MUTO to surface online tomorrow. Also remember that these are children's toys and may not offer a very detailed look at what the MUTO will actually look like. As we get further into this month, new images should be revealed.

Let us know what you think about the look of this MUTO by commenting below!

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Posted by Chris Picard on 2014-03-02 23:20:37


Zihilla3000 ›

Holy crap! Can't wait to add this to my collection.

Smaug The Magnificent ›


splinter48708 ›

Certainly not Rodan!

Ant2596 ›

The Muto looks like the monster from Cloverfield.

Biderbeck ›

gigan and clover had a baby :O

supersexyspacemonkey ›


Totally! I think you nailed it, and I do believe it's supposed to be Gigan. The hand hooks, face and head are a dead givaway, the rest is just a modern update to the classic design. I like how they took the Cloveefield design as inspiration, very cool.

Goji14 ›

Is it me or does the muto look like cloverfield monster but black with red high lights

wolfguy ›

Sorry, but the MUTO is an incredibly uninspired design. Even more bland than Cloverfields.

Fai Nathaniel ›

Thats our flying creature. Interesting. . . Its different than what I expected. Its more streamline and simple then the complicated insect I thought it would be.

Daikaiju Danielle ›

It's beautiful! :'D I LOVE HIM ALREADY!

Fai Nathaniel ›

It's not perfect , but it's not that bad either.

TheGMan123 ›

Now, this makes me wonder: Just what in God(zilla)'s name is that MUTO creature even supposed to be?!?!

godzooki ›

Looks like a cross between gyaos and a bat, but with more limbs.

This may explain two things:

1. the leathery wings seen in the trailer

2. planes falling from the sky if it emits high frequency sonar.

doggiezilla ›

I was not expecting that design. The last picture looks like it could be from Tron.

~TheLoon ›


G fan 84 ›

That must be the six legged monster thats ben discribed so many times

G fan 84 ›

That must be the six legged monster thats ben discribed so many times

G fan 84 ›

That must be the six legged monster thats ben discribed so many times

G fan 84 ›

That must be the six legged monster thats ben discribed so many times

Zilor ›

This thing kind of reminds me of Gyaos, mostly in the head though.

yellowdemon ›

looks to me like a monster thats goin to get its ass kicked all over the place!


españolecuador ›

yo tengo las figuras de titanes del  y parecen un poco mas detalladas pero bueno si se be bien boy a ber si boy a adquirir una de esas aunque estoy pensando en adquirir el atomic roar se be muy bien


Sicoepath ›

It actually looks pretty damn cool, can't wait to see what it looks like in the film <3

ErwinGFan91 ›

Hopefully we get a more detailed larger Muto figure.


@godzooki ›

I think your dead on with the bat theory! It could very well be a giant mutated bat and the fact that those F22's fell from the sky could be the same monster with the hooks. It could very well use high sonar to take down those planes which to me makes the most sense if Gareth is trying to do something 'real'. The hooks could also be in the shape of the bat so this Winged M.U.T.O what we're looking at could very well be it. I also notice it has some Cloverfield monster influences there. You can see in the monster that it's arms are thicker so it could be it's wings like in Pacific Rim's Otachi. Which to me I'm happy with. But your theory is pretty accurate. 

awsomeJaijufan ›

it looks like clover gigan gyos otachi and bat but all into one :O AWSOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zylyph ›

I definitely think the bat theory is a good guess at it, but to add to it, im thinkin the red/orange highlights on the arms are the cheap toy equivalent of fire. At 2:13 in the trailer you see one of its limbs hit the ground. ON IMPACT, not before or after, it bursts into flames. Maybe it blew something up underneath, or maybe one of its powers will be a "fire punch" of sorts

awsomeJaijufan ›

and i have a question where are these people getting these things is it another mistake

ACraig1979 ›

Zylyph › absolutely caught that, it was like a shock wave or something. Perhaps the emp weapon I've heard murmurs about.


This is clearly not the flying muto,because it has a tail this doesn't.And if you look closely you can see that this has eight leggs.


Gamzilla234 ›

@Supersexyspacemonkey If you're being sarcastic with your comment, then LOL! If not... then you're an idiot....

x_paden_x ›

That boat looks interesting...

Dinozilla0439 ›


I wrote about it in my 'Deluxe Destruction Pack MUTO is Eight-legged MUTO' post. You guys need to check it out. It proves that this isn't the winged one like I and a lot of other people thought. Please tell me what you think about it on this article so I can know what you guys think.

DracoX4 ›

It be awesome if the new monster villian is a new version of Gigan that controls the other Mutos.


Reminds me of a deformed locust type creature.

RR44 ›

IMO... this is clearly a nod TOHO and JJ Abrams... to me it looks like an updated version of Gigan... with just a touch Cloverfield monster. It has the hand of man's creepy scientific genetic engineering written all over it.

andytak ›

This is my messed up theory.

First, I believe that the Godzilla 2000 (male) knocked up Zilla 1998 (female) and had a child. This child is now Godzilla 2014. (This is due to the new Godzilla having traits from both Godzillas in my opinion) 

Second, the Muto is what i believe to be the child of Gigan (male) and Cloverfield (female). (This is also due to them having similar traits) 

What do you think of my Messed up theory? Do you believe that Godzilla 2014 and the Muto depicted above share traits from the creatures that I listed out? Do you think the creatures I listed out where used as inspiration for G-14 or Muto? If not, then what do you believe happened? If you agree or disagree then tell me why.

P.S. I hate it when people beat down on Zilla and this is why. I believe that the Japanese Godzilla is the king of all monsters, yet I also believe that Zilla was a great creature design and concept, and thus should not be brought down. It is in my opinion that Zilla is female and that the Godzilla is male. (I believe her to be female because only female reptiles have the ability to asexually reproduce and sexually reproduce) Thus I call her the queen of all monsters. If you agree or disagree please tell me why.

Fai Nathaniel ›

They removed its so it has to be factual in the first place. I am now seeing the connection you guys made with Gigan and this new monster. Therefore, I am slowly starting to like it.

G fan 84 ›


KingGojira54 ›

Cool idea Godzooki. I could see the use of bat DNA being an explination for this creatures origins in the movie.


Havenock ›


that must be the worse fan-fiction theory ive ever heard xD

people beat down on zilla because he is an imposter who dosent resemble godzilla in any way. hes weaker then the original godzilla, and is also alot smaller 

godzilla and zilla are not "male and female" of the same spieces. godzilla is a giant mutated dinosaur, while zilla is a mutated marine iguana. 

the fact that godzilla is a nuclear mutation makes it unlikely that hes capeable of reproducing 

Hamzilla ›

Jossenko ›

I am very very very very very shocked that MUTO resembles the Cloverfield monster as much as it does. I am not saying this is a bad thing, it's just an obvious thing. Creature design takes months for a film like this. The process is slow and the creators take great care in all the aspects of a monster. MUTO's design is CLEARLY taken directly from what Abrams created Cloverfield, a movie that is very much still fresh in he minds of people who fancy themselves on giant monster movies.

RR44 ›

new theory.. you don't suppose there might be a cloverfield crossover  going on here with this monster?? it seems to appear like a Neville Page (cloverfield monster designer) .. design. ahhh... who knows.

Omega Knight ›

In a certain point this Muto may look similar to Cloverfield's monster but at the same time it totally look different. I've checked around the net for images (couldn't upload them) but both doesn't really look so similar, their concept may lead you to think " I've this before, haven't I?" but once you have both in your view won't think that so much. 

gojira87 ›

I see all the plausable connections to Cloverfield but IF this is what they came up with for an opponent, Im disappointed. Dont feel it...

Jossenko ›

They are most certainly NOT going for a Cloverfield crossover. Bad Robot is Bad Robot and Legendary is Legendary. But the fact remains that Edwards is pulling from the Cloverfield design, and considering that the Cloverfield monster is fresh in our minds (Cloverfield wasn't all that long ago), its an odd direction to go with.

I don't mind it all *that* much, but in the same fashion that I hope Godzilla looks much better than his toy counterpart, I hope MUTO looks more imposing than his figure.


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