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The Sound of Alien: Isolation - New Video Featurette!

The Sound of Alien: Isolation - New Video Featurette!

Creative Assembly released a new video featurette for Alien: Isolation recently, entitled "The Sound of Alien: Isolation", exclusively to GameSpot. The featurette includes interviews with various developers who express how important sound is, especially for this kind of horror-based game. They go on to explain that they created a dynamic sound engine which changes based on what the player is doing (ie. hiding from the Alien or running down an empty hallway) and that there are no "static" sound elements. Since the AI for the Alien itself is dynamic and unpredictable, they needed a sound engine to match since the goal of this game is not necessarily to defeat the Alien, or even to escape, but to solicit an emotional reaction from the player and to terrify them. 

The more we see of Alien: Isolation, the more confident we feel it will succeed. Watch this amazing new featurette below and let us know what you think by commenting below!

More Alien: Isolation news to come soon!

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Posted by Chris Picard on 2014-04-05 12:25:02

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pulserifle187 ›

Looks awesome. Fantastic graphics.


Svanya ›

This type of game freaks me out so bad, the steath play. It looks great.

Devianteist ›

This doesn't seem like it's going to a profoundly bloody or gruesome game.

Any idea what it could possibly be rated? And if M, why?

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