Watch Scified play Overwatch on Twitch this Friday!

Watch Scified play Overwatch on Twitch this Friday!

Scified2017-01-04 04:02:30

Published By Gavin on 2017-01-04 04:02:30

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As you know we are avid gamers over here at Scified, so much so that for if we are not tending to our duties on the network Chris and I can usually be found online playing something or other. SCFD Clan followers will know that we currently play exclusively on the Xbox One on games such as GTA Online. 

We have also been listening to call from many of our fans for a Scified podcast, and while this is something both Chris and I, as well as Gman2887 are definitely interested in pursuing in the near future, the logistics and involved makes it somewhat difficult for the moment. But where there is a will there is a way...

Having been a fan of the British gaming team called the Yogscast (pictured above) for quite some years now I have been enjoying their recent move to Twitch streaming, in which they play a game live and banter with each other and the viewers via a chat room of which each stream channel is allocated its own. With the Xbox One able to stream a player's gameplay through their Twitch channel, we can have a live podcast with video of myself playing a video game of choice with Chris and/or Gman2887 joining in the banter through Xbox lives voice chat.

To that end, I have created a Twitch account in my "old" name of Snorkelbottom and set it up ready to stream some ranked play of Overwatch (my current game of choice) this coming Friday, January 6th, 2016, between 21:00 and 23:00 GMT (London time). The broadcast will start microphone-less until we have some veiwers, and hopefully either Chris or Gman2887 will be able to join in the banter and/or the gaming fun.

This broadcast will be our first and a test to see if there is demand, so if a Scified podcast/broadcast is what you want then be sure to let us know by watching the stream HERE, this coming Friday, January 6th, 2016, between 21:00 and 23:00 GMT (London time).

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5 Fan responses to Watch Scified play Overwatch on Twitch this Friday!


Jan-06-2017 3:13 PM

The live stream may have started late but aside from that everything went fine technically. Unfortunately, with such low viewership (between 2 - 10) and no messages at all in chat, there was no point turning on my mic. Even worse I only won one match, thanks to the randoms I was being matchmade with, here's the video for those that may have been interested...

Scified plays Overwatch Livestream

Unfortunately Chris Picard was unable to attend the stream, and we had hoped this would get more interest and become the start of a podcast of us playing games while talking about films, but with such a poor turn out its highly doubtful we'will try this again unless there is enough demand.


Jan-07-2017 7:12 PM

I wasn't able to watch this, but perhaps if you ever look into doing this again rather than streaming on twitch just release something on soundcloud for the site, discussing different scifi movies.

Then people could tune in at their own convenience and sometimes on twitch if you don't know or play the game it isn't as grabbing.

Lord Tyrannos

Jan-07-2017 7:14 PM

Why, WHY did I have to lose my Twitch password before I discovered this site?


Jan-07-2017 7:48 PM

I never had a twitch, which is why for me personally podcasts through that site don't really work.


Like I said I'd be much more likely to play a soundcloud while driving or doing something where the members talk about different type of movies. Have episodes dedicated to different fandoms on the site, so it doesn't get boring since each 1 has a pretty large universe working for it.


Seems the more practical way IMO.


Jan-07-2017 8:48 PM

As I tried to explain in a non-technical way in the announcement article this live stream is the ideal way for Chris, GMan and I to realize a podcast, as it is the most viable option that fits in between our site duties and real lives...

Being technical; Because Chris and I both are Xbox gamers we are able to use Xbox party chat for free (a two participant skype call costs credit, which makes skype a no-go if Gman cannot make it). Xbox one users can freely live stream any game content on Twitch, with anyone able to watch (you don't need a Twitch account to watch Twitch). Once the stream is complete the video can then be exported to our Youtube channel, from which I am then able to convert the audio of the video to MP3, ready to be uploaded to Soundcloud and Spotify.

We don't expect all of our members to drop their lives in order to watch the live stream, but surely if peeps wanted a podcast with discussion, we could have managed more than 3 viewers.

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