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Spider-Man: No Way Home almost had Venom join the final battle!

Spider-Man: No Way Home almost had Venom join the final battle!

Scified2021-12-31 10:33:43
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[SPOILERS] In addition to The Lizard, Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Sandman and Electro, the writers of Spider-Man: No Way Home recently revealed that originally the film was going to see one more classic villain / anti-hero make an appearance - Tom Hardy's Venom!

While speaking to Variety, writers Erik Sommers and Chris McKenna divulged details about Eddie Brock's Venom involvement in No Way Home:


Suffice it to say, however, their early scripts had a lot of characters — too many to do justice. “The first draft, we bit off more than we could chew,” says Sommers. “Maybe some would argue that we still bit off more than we can chew.”

Speaking of biting, the screenwriters say that including Eddie Brock and his alien symbiote Venom in the film’s final battle was “definitely discussed.” The pair confirmed that Watts directed the post-credits tag on “Venom: Let There Be Carnage,” which showed Brock zapped into the MCU. But Brock was ultimately relegated to the “No Way Home” post-credits scene instead. As for how a character who had never met any Peter Parker, let alone Spider-Man, could be pulled into the MCU by a spell specifically drawing people who had to know Peter Parker was Spider-Man? “The idea is that the symbiote has knowledge of other universes. Buried in his brain is some knowledge of that connection,” McKenna said.

Unfortunately Venom was absent from the film's finale, but the post-credit scene definitely set up a multitude of opportunities for the Symbiote anti-hero to return... in more universes than one simultaneously!

Have you seen No Way Home yet? What did you think?


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Written by ChrisPublished on 2021-12-31 10:33:43
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2 Fan responses to Spider-Man: No Way Home almost had Venom join the final battle!

Dark Nebula

ConversationalistStaff1172 XPDec-31-2021 11:12 AM

I honestly didn't care if Venom would show up. I walked into the film pretty much expecting what everyone else was expecting (spoilers), and was not disappointed.

The film is *chef kiss*


AtmanAdmin21259 XPDec-31-2021 11:38 AM

It is definitely one of the top MCU films now, the fan service and nostalgia were off the charts hahaha.

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